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Technical Services

Ancon specialises in the design and manufacture of high integrity steel fixings for masonry and concrete construction. On a daily basis the company shares its specialist knowledge with its construction partners in order to avoid installation difficulties, site delays and unnecessary remedial measures.

Ancon has over 40 technical and design staff at its head office in Sheffield and each year fixing solutions for almost 1500 multi-storey projects are detailed by our four design teams. The early involvement of a specialist supplier can provide cost and time savings and prove invaluable to the smooth running of a project.

Contact us on 0114 275 5224 or with your project requirements.

Ancon's expertise is available throughout the process from conception to construction and includes the following services.

Technical Advice/Product Selection

With an appreciation for value engineering, Ancon's technical staff will advise on the most cost effective fixing system. Areas will be highlighted where the structure needs to be designed for specific loading and where additional structural members may be required.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Seminars

Ancon has been conducting CPD Seminars to the Construction Industry for over 25 years.

Ancon’s latest CPD technical seminars have been independently assessed and approved by the Construction CPD Certification Service, confirming their educational value to architects and engineers as part of a structured Continuing Professional Development training programme.

Content is continually reviewed to ensure the Industry’s latest construction methods, design codes and manufacturing capabilities are featured.

We have expertise in a wide range of structural components used in masonry and concrete construction. Seminar content can be tailored to meet your requirements or selected from the four standard formats shown below.

Seminars are normally conducted at your premises over a lunchtime and can be accompanied by a complimentary buffet to make full use of the time available. They are usually kept to within one hour and CPD certificates are available to all attendees on request.

Requirements for longer, more in-depth presentations or evening events can be accommodated.

Alternatively, your CPD seminar can be held at Ancon’s head office in Sheffield, South Yorkshire. Here, the seminar can be accompanied by a tour of the company’s design, project management and manufacturing operations. Our conferencing and training facilities also feature a permanent product display area.

Although this option is more popular with local companies, the site has good transport links with the rest of the UK. It is under two miles from Sheffield city centre and just three miles from the M1, Junction 34.

For further information or to book a seminar for your practice, contact Ancon on 0114 275 5224 or email with your preferred dates.

Seminar 1 - The Correct Use of Wall Ties and Head Restraints

Now available as a webinar

An overview of best practice in the selection and installation of common masonry fixings, focusing on cavity wall ties and head restraints.

A new seminar designed to address some of the key issues identified in the 2017 ‘Report of the Independent Inquiry into the Construction of Edinburgh Schools’ that found widespread construction defects in the masonry panels.

Seminar 2 - Support and Restraint of Masonry Cladding on Framed Buildings

  • Specifying wall ties and restraint fixings to EC6, PD6697, Approved Document E, EN845-1 and the Construction Products Regulation
  • Minimising cold bridging with low thermal conductivity wall ties
  • Tying masonry cladding to blockwork, timber and steel framing systems
  • Providing lateral support at the top of masonry panels
  • Positioning of, and detailing at, movement joints
  • Supporting masonry above horizontal movement joints and at suspended brickwork features
  • Designing, selecting and specifying windposts and masonry reinforcement

Seminar 3 - Designing for Joints in Structural Concrete

  • Replacing lapped joints and projecting starter bars using reinforcement continuity systems
  • Incorporating thermal breaks at balcony locations
  • Transferring shear and accommodating movement at joints
  • Replacing double columns, corbels and half lap joints
  • Reinforcing against punching shear to EC2 using stud rail systems

Seminar 4 - Joining of Reinforcement in Infrastructure Developments

  • Understanding selection, performance and testing criteria of mechanical rebar couplers with reference to TA1-A, TA1-B, Class D, HAPAS and BS 8597

Seminar Bookings

To book a CPD seminar or to discuss your requirements please contact Ancon’s Technical Services Team on +44 (0) 114 275 5224 or email

Specification Details

Design calculations, specification clauses and comprehensive details will be produced for discussion with the contract's design team. The format of this information is designed to speed the specification process.

NBS Plus

Ancon’s product information is listed within NBS Plus, part of the NBS industry standard specification software used by architects, building surveyors and other construction industry professionals.

This means that technical information for Ancon products is available to NBS subscribers, in NBS format, at the relevant point in the specification.

BIM Objects

Ancon now offers BIM Objects to cover a wide range of our market-leading products, to freely download our objects please click here or visit

Layout Drawings

Using the latest parametric design software, early layout drawings can be provided with all fixings referenced and scheduled. This allows quantities to be accurately measured, delivery times to be reduced and installation problems to be minimised.

Design Programs

The following design programs simplify the design and specification of Ancon products.

Punching Shear Reinforcement Design

Ancon Shearfix is used within a concrete slab to provide additional reinforcement around column heads, protecting the slab from the effects of punching shear.

Shearfix offers many advantages over the use of loose shear links, which can be time-consuming to both design and install. A Shearfix system comprises double-headed steel studs. To simplify installation, and ensure alignment and accurate positioning within the slab, the studs are supplied welded to flat rails.

Ancon distributes free design software. This Eurocode 2 compliant software automatically calculates the optimum design of Shearfix punching shear reinforcement for virtually any column size, shape and location. It will take into account any number of rectangular or circular slab openings, showing the designed stud and rail layout in either a 2D or 3D view, depending on user preference.

design sheet is also available to effectively summarise the critical details of a project and to request assistance with a Shearfix design.

DSD Shear Load Connector Design

Reinforced concrete structures are designed with expansion and contraction joints to allow movement to take place. The design of the joint is important for the overall design of the structure to function correctly.

For a given application, the DSD Shear Load Connector design program will calculate the size and number of connectors required, the edge distance and spacings, and details of the local reinforcement.

HeliCalc Calculator

Helical fixings are a quick and reliable solution to securing counterbattens to rafters without compressing the layer of insulation in-between.

HeliCalc is a free web-based program which calculates the length, density and quantity of Super-7 nails required for a specific project.


Project Management

Ancon can coordinate the design, manufacture and delivery of the complete fixing solution to suit site progress.

Contract Support

Ancon's technical and design staff are available to attend office and site meetings to provide assistance at any stage in the process including pre-tender and pre-contract.

CAD Details

CAD details for Ancon's standard products are available to download from the website. Please click here to go to the CAD Details section.

Installation Guidance

Installation guides are available for Ancon's standard product range. They are available upon request or can be downloaded here.

Technical Literature

Technical literature is available on Ancon's full product range. Each brochure uses the latest 3D design technology to create detailed drawings, clearly illustrating Ancon products in-situ.

For hard copies of the literature please call 0114 275 5224 or email

To download copies of the brochures please click here.

Contact Ancon

Products for Structural Concrete

For technical enquiries, please email or call the direct line +44 (0) 114 238 1410.

Products for Masonry Construction

For technical enquiries, please email or
call us on +44 (0) 114 275 5224. To discuss a project or to arrange for a visit from an Ancon Technical Services Engineer please see contact information below.

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Latest News

Online CPD from Ancon

As we all change the way we are working, Ancon has extended its technical services offering to include ‘on demand’ webinars enabling those of you practicing social distancing, while working at home or back in the office, to keep on top of your professional development.