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Welcome to the latest Ancon newsletter. This month, we review the comprehensive range of fixings available to tie masonry cladding to timber frames and showcase our range of structural concrete design programs.

How to support and restrain masonry on timber-framed structures

Staifix Timber Frame Tie 
The STF6 is designed to fix masonry to timber-framed structures up to 4 storeys high. The CE-marked tie is supplied with an annular ring shank nail and is available in 3 lengths suitable for cavity widths of 50mm, 75mm and 100mm. 

Staifix Helical Timber Tie 
The one-piece, hammer-driven TIM6 helical tie is available in 4 lengths to suit cavities from 50mm to 150mm. It is suitable for use with the Ancon universal insulation retaining clip in partial-fill cavity applications.

Ancon Teplo-L-Tie
This basalt-fibre wall tie is suitable where a non-metal low thermal conductivity fixing is required. The BBA-approved Teplo-L-Tie is available for cavities up to 300mm wide, making it ideal for today’s super-insulated building envelopes. It is fixed to a timber frame with a 5mm x 30mm countersunk woodscrew.

Ancon Timber Frame Movement Tie 
The Ancon TFMT accommodates differential movement between a timber frame and masonry cladding of up to 65mm. Comprising a channel, a strip tie and a screw, this CE-marked system is ideal for buildings over 15 metres in height. 

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Supporting masonry on CLT framed structures
Ancon has been quick to respond to the increasing use of cross-laminated timber (CLT) frames. We have designed, manufactured and supplied a number of masonry support systems for CLT framed structures.

Our CLT systems are typically designed to support a single storey of brickwork and are positioned at each floor location. 

Contact us for more information or provide full details of your project requirements.

Ancon Timber Frame Wall Ties

Ancon's software range makes designing concrete connections simple

As the 2015 construction market continues to gather momentum, we summarise the free software available online to help simplify the concrete design process. 

Shearfix Punching Shear Reinforcement
This proprietary stud rail system offers many advantages over the use of loose shear links when reinforcing against punching shear. Our EC2-compliant software will calculate the optimum stud centres and rail layout. Unique to the Ancon program, designers are able to generate both an orthogonal and a radial rail layout, ensuring specification of the most cost-effective solution.

KSN Anchor Reinforcement Continuity System 
Ancon KSN Anchors, in combination with Bartec parallel-threaded reinforcing bars, simplify concrete construction joints. Calculating to the requirements and recommendations of fib Bulletin 58 and Eurocode 2, the Ancon KSN Anchor software provides designs for moment connections and tension-only applications.

DSD Shear Load Connector 
The DSD is the original double dowel shear connector trusted worldwide. It is used at movement joints in suspended slabs and replaces double columns, keyed joints and corbel supports to simplify concrete design. This design program calculates the size and quantity of DSDs required, together with edge distances, spacings and local reinforcement.

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Ancon Design Programs

Other News

HM The Queen honours Ancon with a second Queen’s Award

Ancon Updates Popular Wall Tie & Restraint Fixings Brochure

Ancon launches new Acoustic Range of Wall Ties and Shear Dowels

Ancon wins Queen's Award

Three years after receiving the prestigious Queen’s Award for Innovation, Ancon’s outstanding business performance has been recognised again in 2015 with a second Queen’s Award, this time in the International Trade category.

Wall Tie Brochure Update

Ancon has recently updated its popular wall tie brochure to include its new range of CE marked acoustic wall ties. The brochure also features the low thermal conductivity Teplo-L-Tie for tying new masonry to an in-situ structural frame.

Acoustic Shear Dowel

Ancon has introduced a new acoustic range featuring cavity wall ties for applications including recording studios and cinemas, as well as acoustic shear dowels used to dampen impact noise in multi-storey developments.


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