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Welcome to the latest Ancon newsletter. This month we announce the Teplo-L-Tie low thermal conductivity restraint fixing was shortlisted for an industry award and showcase our latest project case study for Ancon Isotec Thermal Breaks. We also answer a common query - why is Masonry Support manufactured from stainless steel? 

Ancon Teplo-L-Tie shortlisted for "Best Innovation in Insulation" 

The Ancon Teplo-L-Tie, ideal for use where a low thermal conductivity restraint fixing is required between a masonry outer leaf and an in-situ structure, was shortlisted at the 2014 Build It Awards for 'Best Innovation in Insulation'.

Ancon has had continuing success at these prestigious awards after winning the same category in 2012 with the original TeploTie wall tie and being shortlisted for Best App in 2013 for our Cavity Wall Tie Product Selector

Like the award-winning TeploTie, the Teplo-L-Tie frame cramp comprises a pultruded basalt fibre body set in a resin matrix which has a thermal conductivity of just 0.7W/mK, minimising heat loss across an insulated wall cavity.

Unique to the Teplo-L-Tie, however, is an ‘L’ shaped stainless steel upstand, which allows it to be securely tied to steel, timber, concrete or masonry using a range of standard fixings.

Available to suit cavity widths up to 300mm, it is ideal for today’s super-insulated building envelopes – whether new build or retrofit applications.


Teplo-L-Tie shortlisted at Build It Awards

Ancon Isotec provides insulation solution at Wesley Chapel

More than 220 metres of Ancon Isotec thermal breaks have been installed at slab-to-balcony connections on a stylish residential development in St Helier, Jersey. The Ancon system minimises cold bridging, contributing to the thermal efficiency of the building.

The development comprises 48 modern apartments and 9 townhouses hidden behind the striking façade of a classical Methodist chapel originally built in 1875.

Ancon Isotec thermally insulated connectors are specifically designed to minimise heat loss at concrete-to-concrete applications, whilst maintaining structural integrity.

The main reason Isotec was used on this project was its stainless steel tensile and shear reinforcement, which offer improvements in both thermal efficiency and corrosion resistance. With no structural welding or point of weakness, the 100% stainless steel system from Ancon was preferred to other systems on the market.

An additional benefit is the use of short compression studs instead of long compression bars, which offer greater design flexibility and simplify installation.

Download the technical brochure or view the case study.

Ancon Isotec Wesley Chapel Project

Why are brick support angles manufactured from stainless steel? 

The Ancon Technical Services Team is regularly asked by those specifying and purchasing support systems for masonry cladding why stainless steel should be used in this application.

Firstly, it is a regulatory requirement for buildings exceeding three storeys. PD 6697:2010 states that material selection should be limited to austenitic stainless steels for bracketry, lintels and ties.

For buildings up to three storeys high, a galvanised product with a thick zinc coating can be used. However, any secondary coating can be chipped or damaged during transit or installation, which compromises the protection given and requires an ongoing inspection regime.

Ancon advises that austenitic stainless steel, with its inherent corrosion resistance, be used in all masonry support applications, as this ensures no corrosion issues arise and no inspection or remedial work is required.

Stainless steel offers significant thermal efficiency benefits over galvanised steel too, improving the performance of the building envelope.

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Ancon Stainless Steel Masonry Support

Other News

Ancon to exhibit at UK Concrete Show and Ecobuild in 2015

New KSN Anchor software - makes designing wall-to-slab joints simple

Ancon launches comprehensive BIM Object Library

Ancon exhibitions 2015

In the first quarter of 2015 Ancon will be showcasing its wide range of structural fixings for both masonry and concrete applications at the UK Concrete Show and Ecobuild.

Ancon KSN Anchor Design Software

New software from Ancon simplifies the design of its award-winning KSN Anchor rebar continuity system in wall to slab construction joints, providing safer, faster concrete connections on site.

Ancon BIM Object library

Ancon's wide range of market leading products are freely available to download as 2D and 3D data-rich BIM Objects in Revit, IFC, ArchiCAD, Vectorworks and Bentley file formats.

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