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Ties for Bubble Foil Insulation

Staifix TE-ITB2
A0113-01-EN - Staifix TE-ITB2 185/200/225mm (PDF - 545 KB)
Staifix TE-ITB4
A0111-01-EN - Staifix TE-ITB4 185/200/225mm (PDF - 545 KB)
A0123-02-EN - Staifix TE-ITB4 250mm (PDF - 545 KB)
Staifix TE-ITC2
A0114-01-EN - Staifix TE-ITC2 200/225mm (PDF - 545 KB)
Staifix TE-ITC3
A0124-01-EN - Staifix TE-ITC3 250mm (PDF - 545 KB)
Staifix TE-ITC4
A0112-01-EN - Staifix TE-ITC4 200/225mm (PDF - 544 KB)

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Proud Sponsors of DISC 2018

Ancon is a proud sponsor of the 6th UK DISC (Developments in Structural Concrete) Conference, taking place at the Institution of Structural Engineers in London, on 29 November 2018.