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Isolan Balcony Connector

Isolan Balcony Connectors

Isolan Concrete-to-Concrete Connectors

Ancon Isolan systems join external concrete balconies to internal concrete floor slabs. They provide continuity to both the concrete reinforcement and the thermal insulation of the wall.

Standard Ancon Isolan systems are available in five heights to suit different depths of balcony i.e. 160, 180, 200, 220 and 240mm, and are supplied complete with stainless steel shear reinforcement. Conventional reinforcing bars are used to provide the necessary tension and compression reinforcement. These bars can be sourced independently or are supplied by Ancon on request.

MV System

The Ancon Isolan MV system is used for the transfer of movement and shear forces in cantilevered balconies.

V System

The Ancon Isolan V system is used for the transfer of shear forces in simply supported balconies.

Special Configurations

Isolan components can be individually adapted to suit specific applications. The stainless steel shear reinforcement can be supplied in a range of diameters and bent into other required shapes outside the polystyrene insulation element. The number of tubes can be modified and the standard height of the ISO-Element can be increased. Systems can be manufactured for use in curved or stepped balconies. Please contact Ancon with details of your specific requirements.


The system is suitable for straight runs and both internal and external corners. The following drawings show example applications in plan view.

Cantilever Balcony
Cantilever Balcony at Internal Corner
Simply Supported Balcony
Supported Slab Recessed Balcony
Cantilever Balcony with 90° External Corner
Obtuse Angle Corner Cantilever Balcony

System Components

MV Element (comprising iso-element, shear reinforcement, rail and tubes)


The ISO-Element is 60mm thick, CFC-free, rigid white polystyrene insulation in a standard length of 750mm. It is available in five heights (160, 180, 200, 220 and 240mm) to suit different depths of balcony.

Shear Reinforcement

The shear reinforcement is duplex stainless steel grade 1.4362 and is available in three diameters (6, 8 and 10mm) as standard. In addition to the standard systems, this reinforcement can be bent into other required shapes outside the polystyrene insulation element.

The Isolan system should be orientated so the stainless steel shear reinforcing bars are at the bottom of the slab on the side of the load (the balcony side).


Polypropylene tubes with a 27mm internal diameter are located at pre-determined positions in the ISO-Element to allow for the passage of tension and compression reinforcing bars.


A high density polyethylene rail is located on the top edge of the ISO-Element to protect the insulation.

Tension and Compression Reinforcement (not supplied as standard)

Reinforcement used for tension and compression bars to be grade B500B to BS4449: 2005. The minimum anchor length must be achieved either side of the Isolan system. Care should be taken during installation to ensure that any misalignment of the compression bars does not exceed 25mm in 1000mm (1 in 40).

Corrosion Resistance

The shear reinforcement is stainless steel and the carbon steel tension and compression reinforcement passing through the insulation unit is encased in polypropylene tubes which fill with concrete fines at the time of casting. This prevents water and oxygen from reaching the bars, thus providing corrosion protection.

Fire Protection

Additional fire protection can be provided to the system by adding Duripanel fire resistant strips to the base or to the top and base of the ISO-Element. The strips are available in 18, 28 or 36mm thickness providing 30, 60 or 90 minute fire resistance respectively. The polyethylene rail is omitted from the ISO element if these strips are employed to the top.

Design Information

Design graphs, provided in Ancon literature, are used to select the most appropriate Isolan element, and the diameters of the shear, tension and compression reinforcement. Ancon Isolan systems are supplied complete with stainless steel shear reinforcement. Other reinforcement is supplied by Ancon on request or can be sourced independently.

Typical Specification Clause

Once the appropriate Isolan system has been selected from the design graphs, the following clause may be adapted for use. Details in italics must be changed to suit the product reference.

4MV8 - 200 - 5Ø12T / 5Ø16C
Ancon Isolan MV system 200mm high comprising CFC-free polystyrene insulation 60mm thick by 750mm long and four stainless steel grade 1.4362 shear reinforcing bars of 8mm diameter. System requires five 12mm diameter grade B500B tension bars and five 16mm diameter grade B500B compression bars to be supplied by Ancon on request or by others.

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