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Ancon MultiJoint

Plate Dowel Systems

Plate Dowel Systems

Plate dowels have replaced plain round and square dowel bars as the preferred method of transferring load in industrial and commercial ground bearing floor slabs.

The Ancon range of plate dowel systems includes:


Ancon MultiJoint is an all-in-one solution to load transfer, concrete contraction, armoured edge protection and formwork. It is ideal for use in factories, warehouses, distribution centres and other applications where floor slabs are subject to high loads and wheeled traffic. Its use can minimise slab depth, saving time and materials, and prevent uneven vertical settlement between slabs.

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Individual Plate Dowels

In addition to the MultiJoint system, Ancon also manufactures a range of individual rectangular plate dowels, housed in innovative, high strength plastic sleeves. These dowels can be used where arris protection is not required or as part of a site assembled system with the patented MultiJoint top profile if a steel joint edge is required.

The Ancon ADD 75/10 is suitable for the majority of applications, however where a greater capacity is required or wider than average joint widths are anticipated, the Ancon AHM 100/10 system should be considered. The larger steel plate of this system provides a greater surface area to reduce bearing stresses on the concrete.

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