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Tension & Compression Systems

Specifying and Ordering

Ancon Tension Systems are supplied as full systems and are not available as individual components.

System lengths are measured between the centres of the pins in the forks. The maximum bar lengths available should be considered when determining the system length.

The Ancon Tension System can be specified as follows:

System/size/system length/material/finish

A fully polished Ancon 500 stainless steel system using 16mm diameter bar, 2750mm between the pins would be specified as:-

Ancon 500/16/2750/SS/6

The material and finish codes are from the following table.

CodeMaterialSurface Finish
BarFork & NutCouplerCross CouplerDisc
CS/1 Carbon Untreated Zinc Plated Zinc Plated Zinc Plated Untreated
CS/2 Carbon Zinc Plated Zinc Plated Zinc Plated Zinc Plated Zinc Plated
CS/3 Carbon HDG Zinc Plated Zinc Plated Zinc Plated HDG
SS/4 Stainless Bright Drawn Electro-Polished Machined Electro-Polished Machined
SS/5 Stainless Bright Drawn Satin-Polished Satin-Polished Satin-Polished Satin-Polished
SS/6 Stainless Hand Polished Hand Polished Hand Polished Hand Polished Hand Polished

This table includes our standard finishes. Other finishes are available on request. Carbon steel systems can be supplied painted to customer requirements. HDG = Hot Dip Galvanised.

Corrosion Resistance

Electrodeposited zinc coating Fe/Zn12/A to EN ISO 2081 on bars and discs will provide some protection against corrosion, but is only intended for systems that are internal installations. Hot-dip galvanizing to EN ISO 1461 will provide greater protection but should be considered as only part of the overall protection treatment. Stainless steel affords the greatest protection and does not require any further treatment.

Building Information Modelling

For BIM Objects of these products, please click here or visit the National BIM Library.

Latest News

CE, UKCA and CE UKNI marking from Leviat

From January 1st 2021, the UK will recognise both the EU CE marking approvals, for a time limited period, and the new UK based approval system, which will be known as the UKCA mark. The EU will only recognise CE marking by EU notified bodies as proof of efficacy moving forwards. Leviat has been working closely with both EU notified and UK approved bodies to ensure compliance is achieved at the earliest possible opportunity and we can confirm that we have obtained all relevant certification.