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Tension System Components

System Components


Ancon Tension Systems consist of a range of components.

Fork Connectors and Locking Nuts

Fork Connectors and Locking Nuts

Ancon fork connectors are supplied with a locking nut that provides a neat transition from bar to fork and ensures the connection is secure. The internally threaded section of the locking nut is recessed to allow the threaded end of the bar to be hidden when the installation is complete.


Each stainless steel fork is supplied with two clear, self-adhesive, PET (polyester) washers to isolate the system from a connecting plate of a dissimilar metal.

The pins are a two-part construction and once installed are flush with the fork. The installation requires a twin-pin driver. This type of fixing, known as ‘Snake Eyes*’, allows a high torque to be achieved without damage to the pin.

Stainless steel pins are supplied with a PTFE coating around the barrel to isolate the system from a connecting plate of a dissimilar metal.

*'Snake Eyes' is the registered trademark of Tamperproof Screw Company Inc.

Anchor Discs

Anchor Disc

Anchor discs allow up to eight bars to be connected together. They can be used at the centre of conventional cross bracing, or where several bars need to be connected at one point.

Leviat can design and manufacture Ancon plates in special shapes to replace standard anchor discs and suit the aesthetic requirements of an application.

Cross Couplers

When forming a cross brace, a Cross Coupler offers a streamlined alternative to an anchor disc and minimises the number of fork connectors and locking nuts required. Cross Couplers are available in stainless steel to suit bar sizes from 10 to 24.

Cross Coupler

Cross Coupler

Tie Bars

Tie bars have a right-hand thread at one end and a left-hand thread at the other. Flats are pressed into the bar close to each end. These allow the bar to be screwed into the fork connectors and adjustments to be made at any time after assembly. The availability of each size of bar is given below. All bars are cut to a tolerance of ±2mm of the specified length. Maximum bar lengths below are in metres.

Maximum Available Bar Lengths - Ancon 500 system

Thread Size 8 10 12 16 20 24 30 36 42
Stainless Steel 3 3 6 6 6 6 6 6 6




Couplers have right and left hand threads and are used in applications where more than one bar is required between forks. They can be fitted with a hanger to limit the deflection of bars of 16mm diameter or above.

Building Information Modelling

For BIM Objects of these products, please click here or visit the National BIM Library.





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