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Ancon Thermal Breaks

Proven through thermal modelling to reduce heat loss

Brick support systems from Ancon can now be supplied with Thermal Breaks to minimise heat loss through cold bridging, and improve the energy efficiency of your building project.

Thermal bridging occurs where the insulation layer is penetrated by a material with a relatively high thermal conductivity. Although heat loss through a stainless steel support bracket may not be significant - just 17W/mK compared to 50W/mK for carbon steel fixings - it should be considered as part of the overall thermal performance of the building.

Ancon Thermal Breaks work by inserting a material with a lower thermal conductivity between the brackets and the frame. They are proven through thermal modelling to reduce heat loss and can typically enable details to comply with BRE IP1/06 floor junction.

In the document SCI P380 ‘Avoidance of Thermal Bridging in Steel Construction', the Steel Construction Institute suggests "for bracket spacings less than 600mm, thermal spacers between and the edge beam may need to be considered".

Shaped like a standard Ancon key-hole shim, these Thermal Breaks are designed to locate quickly and easily. They are manufactured from a durable fibre-reinforced thermoset plastic, which has a thermal conductivity of just 0.3W/mK.

Annabelle Wilson, Ancon’s Marketing Manager said,

Ancon has been involved with a number of exemplary projects which have really pushed the boundaries of energy efficient building design. By working alongside these project teams we have improved our understanding of the issues facing the industry as it moves towards sustainable zero-carbon construction.

At Ancon, we are committed to applying the knowledge learnt on these one-off projects to deliver simple, easy to replicate, cost-effective solutions to the mass market. The new Thermal Break is one such product.

We look beyond our traditional supplier base and regularly investigate new materials and technologies. The launch of our Thermal Break system follows closely behind our introduction of the Ancon TeploTie which is a unique low thermal conductivity wall tie manufactured from basalt fibres.

A standard sized Thermal Break is available ex-stock to suit the majority of Ancon masonry support brackets; bespoke shapes can be machined to order. Thermal Breaks for Ancon Frame Cramps are also available.

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