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Welcome to the latest Ancon newsletter. In this issue we look at the innovative 'Lockable Dowel' for temporary movement joints and Ancon's membership of the British Tunnelling Society .

'Lockable Dowel' for Temporary Movement Joints

Dowels transfer load across joints in concrete. At expansion and contraction joints, dowels are used with a sleeve to allow movement.

The new ‘Lockable Dowel’ from Ancon allows initial shrinkage of the concrete to take place and is then locked in position with epoxy resin, inserted from the top of the slab. The locked dowel continues to transfer vertical load, but movement can no longer take place.

This innovative product was developed by Ancon for use at temporary movement joints, most commonly constructed in post-tensioned slabs where pour size can be considerable.

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 Ancon Lockable Dowel

Ancon Joins the BTS

ANCON has joined other leading Industry names including Arup and Mott Macdonald as a corporate member of the British Tunnelling Society. 

In recent years the company has built an impressive international project portfolio in the tunnelling sector and has considerable knowledge and experience to offer fellow BTS members and the wider civil engineering community.

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