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Ancon products carry CE Marking

Compliant with EU Construction Products Regulation

From 1st July 2013, the CE marking of construction products became a legal requirement. Download our 12-page guide explaining this regulation and identifying which products it affects.

CE Declarations of Performance

Select an option from the list below to view Ancon's Declarations of Performance.

Structural Steelwork

Click here for Masonry Support, Windposts, Steel Balcony Connectors, Compression Systems and other fabricated components. For guidance on Execution Class click here.

AnconOptima Masonry Support

A0500-00-EN - AnconOptima Masonry Support - 1.4301_1.4307 (304_304L) Stainless Steel

Wall Ties for Brick-to-Block Construction


A0004-04-EN - Staifix RT2 200mm
A0005-04-EN - Staifix RT2 225mm
A0006-04-EN - Staifix RT2 250mm
A0007-02-EN - Staifix RT2 275mm


A0008-02-EN - Staifix HRT4 200mm
A0009-03-EN - Staifix HRT4 225mm
A0010-02-EN - Staifix HRT4 250mm
A0011-03-EN - Staifix HRT4 275mm


A0016-02-EN - ST1 200mm
A0017-02-EN - ST1 225mm
A0018-02-EN - ST1 250mm
A0019-02-EN - ST1 275mm
A0020-02-EN - ST1 300mm
A0135-01-EN - ST1 325mm
A0136-01-EN - ST1 350mm

Other Wall Ties for Brick-to-Block Construction

Click here for Double Triangle, SDS, Hammer-in Tie, Fastrack, RD3, HRD4

Wall Ties for Thin-Joint Blockwork

A0061-01-EN - Staifix-Thor Helical TJ2

Wall Ties for Timber Frames

Click here for STF6, TIM6, TFMT7, Frame Tie

Wall Ties for Cavities over 150mm

Click here for Two-Part Tie

Wall Ties for Cellular Clay Blocks

Click here for CCB4, CCBA, CCB-IWJ

Wall Ties for Bubble Foil Insulation

Click here for WT4-CB, WT4-AF, WT2-CB, WT2-AF, WT3-AF

Wall Ties for Steel Frames

Click here for SD25, HOS-TIE Hammer-On Tie, Internal Column Tie, Briclok, Column Tie

Wall Starter Ties

A0001-01-EN - Staifix Starter Tie
A0003-01-EN - Staifix Cavity Starter Tie

Frame Cramps


A0013-01-EN - SDV 125-225mm
A0014-01-EN - SDV 226-300mm


A0024-02-EN - SDB 125-150mm
A0025-02-EN - SDB 151-225mm
A0026-02-EN - SDB 226-300mm

Other Frame Cramps

Click here for SRB, SPB, SPV, SPS, SPS CJ, SHX, WHX

Movement Ties

Click here for PPS, PPB, PPV, PP21, PP28, PP30, PP36, PP38

Channel Ties

Click here for SP21, SP28, SP30, SP36, SP38, SD21, SD28, SD30, SD38, SD40

Stonework Ties

Click here for YDB, YPB, MP21, YP21, MPB, LP21, LPB, DP21, ZDS, DDS, DPB, LPL, MDS

Masonry Reinforcement

Click here for AMR Masonry Reinforcement

Click here for AMR-X Masonry Reinforcement

Click here for AMR-CJ Masonry Reinforcement


Click here for Lintels

Tension Systems

A0400-04-EN - Ancon 500 & 360 Tension Systems