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Leviat Announce Range Extension of Ancon Reveal Support Plates, Now Accommodating 327.5mm Window Reveals

The increase in customer demand for deeper window reveals has led to Leviat successfully extending their range of Ancon Reveal Support Plates. Standard reveal plates are now available to suit both a 215mm and a 327.5mm window reveal.

Designed to aid in the construction of a brick window reveal, Ancon Reveal Support Plates are a stainless steel component that supports the lower course of brickwork during construction, ensuring sufficient stability.

The Reveal Support Plate is bonded into the bed joint of the outer leaf to provide a stable bearing onto which the brick reveal is constructed. Reveal plates are only required at the base of reveals - there is no need to install additional plates in the upper courses of brickwork.

The long leg of the plate is built into the external leaf of masonry with the arrow pointing towards the building. To ensure stability, the outer leaf should be built at least one course higher than the reveal bricks at all stages. 

Brick piers with 327.5mm reveals will need to be a minimum of 1452.5mm wide to accommodate two reveal plates, adjacent to one another.

The Reveal Support Plate for 327.5mm window reveals is available now.

Ancon Reveal Support Plates can also be found on NBS Source.

For other reveal depths or more information, please contact us.

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