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ACC Composite Connector

Composite Floor Fixings

The Ancon ACC is a dowel-type fastener providing a shear resistant connection between timber and a concrete layer.

ACC Composite Connector Range

The Ancon ACC is a blue, galvanised steel, self-tapping screw specially designed for use in the construction of loadbearing timber-concrete composite floors.

The screw is available in two standard lengths. The 205mm length is suitable for use with conventional ceiling timbers and modern slab kits, with a maximum timber floorboard thickness of 50mm (2") between the timber joist and concrete. The 165mm length is ideal for renovations involving traditional 'dippelbaumdecken', common in and around Vienna.

The sharp point and course thread makes the ACC quick and easy to install. No pre-drilling of timber is required.

The shank features an integral ring designed as a depth limiter to prevent over-embedment in the timber. It also acts as a compression bearing in crosswise applications.

Product Reference

Floorboard Depth (mm)

Overall Length (L)  (mm) Thread Length (TL) (mm) Ø (A)
Ø (B)
Pack Size
ACC8.0 x 165 0-30mm 165 100 8 10 300
ACC8.0 x 205 30-50mm 205 130 8 10 300

Trust our CE Marking

There are a number of controls in place to safeguard the reliability and accuracy of the Ancon ACC CE Declaration of Performance.

The CE mark on Ancon Composite Connectors confirms: 

  • Initial third party product testing and analysis
  • Third party inspection of manufacturing plant and production controls
  • Third party continuous surveillance of manufacturing controls
  • Routine testing of products in accordance with third party approved prescribed test plan
  • Batch controls with full material traceability

Technical Advice and Calculation Services

Contact Leviat to discuss the suitability of a timber-concrete composite floor on your next project.

Calculation software is available to aid structural engineers with a system design. The software also generates an installation layout for the on site installer.

Our staff are available to advise on the correct specification and installation of ACC composite connectors. 

A design sheet is available on request to capture all necessary calculation inputs to enable a project-specific design to be generated.

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