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Ancon backs CARES campaign against non-approved re-bend continuity systems

CARES, the Certification Authority for Reinforcing Steels, has expressed concern at the continued use of non-approved re-bend reinforcement continuity systems by the UK Construction Industry.

CARES Advertorial Campaign

To address this issue, CARES is running a high profile information campaign in a number of trade journals including New Civil Engineer, Construction News and Concrete, highlighting the unrivalled assurances given by its Technical Approval scheme.

As manufacturer of the CARES-approved Eazistrip continuity system, Ancon gives this campaign its full support and is keen that the Industry recognises the stringent quality standards met by this product.

Hervé Poveda, Manager of Ancon’s Products for Structural Concrete division, says

“Those who specify and purchase Ancon’s CARES approved Eazistrip system do so with the ultimate confidence. Eazistrip has undergone a comprehensive test programme, including in-situ structural tests to evaluate the performance of the construction joints under loading. In order to maintain our approval, our production facilities are routinely and independently audited twice a year.”

“A re-bend continuity system that features CARES approved rebar does not carry the same assurances as a CARES approved continuity system like Eazistrip. The reliability of Eazistrip rebars, that are bent during the fabrication process and then re-bent during the straightening process on site, is proven through tests. The performance of non-approved re-bend continuity systems is unknown and creates a risk that is easily avoided.”

Reinforcing steel has a complex supply chain comprising production, processing and distribution companies. Establishing and maintaining quality standards is essential to safeguard the reinforced concrete industry and ultimately the public. CARES, an independent not-for-profit certification body, provides the necessary assurances to users, purchasers and specifiers of reinforcing bars and associated reinforced products, through regulation, testing and inspection.

Installation Animation

Re-bend systems are a quick and easy solution to providing reinforcement continuity across construction joints in concrete structures. They comprise pre-bent bars housed within a galvanised steel casing. Once installed, the protective cover is removed and the bars are straightened using a specially designed tool, ready for lapping to the main reinforcement of the next concrete pour.

“CARES has developed bespoke assessment schedules for each product in the Technical Approvals scheme. Products are subject to thorough testing and evaluation to ensure compliance with the criteria defined. Once approved, products are subject to a regime of quality inspections and periodic testing to ensure that the product continues to be fit for its intended use” explains CARES CEO Lee Brankley.

Eazistrip reinforcing bar has been subjected to independent mechanical testing to establish its suitability for bending during the manufacturing process and rebending through 90 degrees during the straightening process on site and subsequent compliance with the tensile requirements of BS4449.

Eazistrip reinforcement continuity system samples were subject to a programme of full scale structural testing in concrete to evaluate the performance of the construction joints under combinations of high shear and high flexural loading. Construction joints were also subject to tests of longitudinal shear. The tests showed that flexural and shear strengths of wall/floor slab joints featuring Eazistrip were to the safe side of values calculated by EC2 with safety factors removed.

The National Structural Concrete Specification (NSCS) recognises the structural importance of re-bend continuity systems and recommends the use of products from manufacturers holding a valid CARES Technical Approval certificate (clause 6.1.4).

In addition to the Eazistrip CARES-approved continuity system, Ancon also manufactures the following CARES-approved products:

Ancon MBT bolted rebar couplers carry BBA and HAPAS approval.

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