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Ancon Eazistrip

Reinforcement Continuity

Eazistrip Standard Range

Eazistrip Reinforcement Continuity Systems are designed to maintain continuity of reinforcement at construction joints in concrete.

Formwork design is simplified and there is no need to drill shuttering. Each unit consists of a galvanised steel casing which is dimpled to provide an effective concrete bond. Pre-bent bars are housed within the box and are secured by a protective heavy duty plasticised cardboard cover. When the cover is removed the bars can be straightened ready for lapping onto the main reinforcement.

Re-bending Tool

Bars must be straightened only once, using an Eazistrip re-bending tool.

Quality Assurance

Ancon Eazistrip has UK CARES Technical Approval, TA2-5017.

The system is manufactured using CARES approved bar. The type of reinforcement is selected by Ancon to provide a suitable degree of ductility, ensuring that it complies with the tensile requirements of BS 4449: 2005 Grade B500C after prefabrication and re-bending on site. The bars are bent in accordance with BS 8666: 2005.

Eazistrip Reinforcement Continuity Systems are suitable for use with designs undertaken in accordance ith BS EN 1992-1-1: 2004 (Eurocode 2) and BS 8110-1:1997.

Eazistrip Box Dimensions

Eazistrip standard range specifications are available to download from the technical literature. Both UK and Continental Range Dimensions are provided.

Eazistrip Water Stop

When the potential for water ingress through the construction joint is a major concern, Eazistrip can be supplied with a Pentaflex hydrostatic seal which provides protection against moisture permeation along the joint face.

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