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Ancon Gains ISO 14001 Accreditation

On 19 October 2006 it was officially confirmed by the BSI that Ancon’s Environmental Management System complies with the requirements of ISO 14001: 2004; an internationally recognised standard.

As is expected of a market-leading manufacturer, Ancon takes its legal and social responsibilities seriously. The company implements all necessary procedures and controls required to consistently meet its environmental obligations to its employees, customers and the local communities in which it operates.

Ancon has been awarded certificate number EMS 505377; this is available as a PDF file or in hard copy on request. Registration to ISO 14001 proves Ancon’s EMS meets a recognised standard shown to deliver environmental improvement consistent with its environmental policy. To read Ancon’s environmental policy please click the link below.

Mindful that waste and energy usage are the two major areas that govern the extent of Ancon’s environmental impact, the company has formalised ‘Recycling’ and ‘Energy Reduction’ across its three sites in the UK.

Energy Reduction Scheme

Ancon is committed to reducing its demand on natural resources. An energy committee has been established to address the company’s energy usage. Projects currently underway include employee awareness training and the installation of motion detectors for lighting in low traffic areas, timer devices on water heaters and water flow meters.

Recycling Scheme

In addition to recycling all scrap sheet metal, procedures are now in place to recycle paper, cardboard, plastic cups, aluminium and steel cans, wood, PC monitors, CPUs, fluorescent tubes, light bulbs and toner cartridges. This scheme is being run in conjunction with the company’s ‘Waste Reduction’ programme.

Through the setting, monitoring and achieving of environmental objectives Ancon continues to improve its performance in this area. For more information on current and future projects please call Ancon on +44 (0) 114 275 5224 or complete the online enquiry form.

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