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New Tension System Cross Coupler combines High Performance with Architectural Design

When forming a cross brace using tie bars, the new Ancon Cross Coupler offers a streamlined alternative to an anchor disc. Cross couplers and anchor discs allow tension bars to lie in the same plane and remove the need to offset bars, with the coupler or disc providing an interesting design feature for the panel.

Cross Coupler

The cross coupler is the latest addition to the popular Ancon 500 tension system, which provides a high load capacity while meeting the demanding aesthetic requirements of today's applications which can range from sporting stadia roof structures to glazed areas in office developments.


Cross Coupler

Cross couplers are available to suit various tie bar diameters from 10mm to 24mm in both carbon and stainless steel. For applications that demand maximum corrosion resistance and a maintenance-free life, or where an attractive, polished finished is required, Ancon recommends stainless steel.



Tension System Bars

Ancon tie bars can typically be supplied in lengths of up to 6 metres. The system can be extended over the maximum bar length by the inclusion of couplers, cross couplers or anchor discs. Ancon fork connectors and its range of couplers are designed to allow minor adjustments to be made to the system length without the need for turnbuckles and provide a visual check of correct installation.

Ancon Tension and Compression Systems are supplied with CE Marking.

Latest News

CE, UKCA and CE UKNI marking from Leviat

From January 1st 2021, the UK will recognise both the EU CE marking approvals, for a time limited period, and the new UK based approval system, which will be known as the UKCA mark. The EU will only recognise CE marking by EU notified bodies as proof of efficacy moving forwards. Leviat has been working closely with both EU notified and UK approved bodies to ensure compliance is achieved at the earliest possible opportunity and we can confirm that we have obtained all relevant certification.