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AMR Masonry Reinforcement

AMR Masonry Reinforcement

Ladder Type Bed Joint Reinforcement

Ancon AMR 'Ladder Type' Masonry Reinforcement is a fabricated steel reinforcement system that is located in the bed joint to strengthen masonry panels without thickening the wall.

The longitudinal steel wires are flattened to ensure good mortar cover even when lapped or used with wall ties. Cross wires are welded in the same plane as the main wires at 450mm centres.

Standard configurations suit a wide range of structural load conditions and wall widths. Product selection is based on calculation.

The longitudinal wires have a minimum characteristic yield strength of 500N/mm². AMR meets the requirements of BS EN 845-3: 2003.

Product Widths

60, 100, 150, 175mm
For use in wall widths from 100mm to 215mm.

Longitudinal Wire Diameters

3.0, 3.5*, 4.0, 4.5*, 5.0mm (equivalent diameter after flattening)
Ancon AMR is flattened to less than 3mm
Selection is based on calculation

*Wire diameters 3.5mm and 4.5mm are only available in stainless steel.


Austenitic stainless steel (ref. S)
Galvanised steel (ref. G)

Stainless steel provides the user with the greatest corrosion resistance and life-cycle costing benefits, and is suitable for use in any application. Galvanised steel is not suitable for use in the external leaf of a cavity wall.


Ancon AMR is manufactured in standard lengths of 2700mm.


Product Code / Material Code / Wire (mm) / Width (mm)
e.g. AMR/S/D3.0/W60

AMR Masonry Reinforcement Specification

Applications and Recommended Product Width

Wall ThicknessAMR Width
102mm Brick / 100mm or 125mm Block 60mm
140mm or 150mm Block 100mm
190mm or 200mm Block 150mm
215mm Block 175mm

Reinforcing Large Format Stack-Bonded Masonry

Where large format masonry units are stacked one above the other, the lack of bonding between them will greatly reduce the overall flexural strength of the panel and the ability of the wall to spread vertical loads.

The use of Ancon reinforcement referenced AMR/S/D3.5/W60 is normally recommended at vertical centres no greater than 300mm, usually every course or every other course depending on the height of the masonry unit. The illustration below uses a 215mm unit height.

This is typical advice for stack bonded masonry up to 125mm wide. Thicker blocks require wider reinforcement.

Ancon AMR Corner Units

Prefabricated corner units can be manufactured to provide true continuity of reinforcement. Alternatively, masonry reinforcement can be cut and bent on site.

Ancon AMR Reinforcement Corner Unit

Radiused Units

Contact Leviat for more information on Ancon radiused sections.

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