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AMR-X Masonry Reinforcement

Ancon AMR-X

Industry concerns over the build quality of reinforced masonry panels have led Ancon to develop the innovative AMR-X. This new product features shaped cross wires which ensure the longitudinal wires are located in the centre of a bed joint.

When compared to other ladder type reinforcement, Ancon AMR-X can accelerate the speed of construction, improve build quality and reduce the requirement for site supervision.

The product is based on the existing Ancon AMR masonry reinforcement, but with shaped rather than straight cross wires. This innovative design is a simple, cost-effective way to correct poor site practice.

When applied to dry bricks or blocks, only the modified cross wires are in contact with the masonry; the longitudinal wires are elevated. When the next masonry unit is lowered, the mortar layer disperses around the steel, leaving the reinforcement fully surrounded.


AMR-X is manufactured from stainless steel wire and is suitable for use in internal and external wall panels.

Wire Diameters

The longitudinal wires are manufactured in two sizes which, after flattening, have an equivalent wire diameter of 3mm and 5mm. This range suits the majority of load conditions.


Ancon AMR-X is available in a standard length of 2700mm.


It is available in two standard widths (60mm, 100mm) and can be used in masonry units from 100mm to 150mm wide.


AMR-X is specified using the simple reference system shown below. Each length is marked with the product reference to aid identification on site.

ProductMaterial ReferenceWire ReferenceWidth Reference
AMR-X S D3.0 W60

CE Marking

This product is supplied with a CE marking to demonstrate compliance with BS EN 845: Part 3.

Building Information Modelling

For a BIM Object of AMR-X, please click here or visit

Ancon AMR-X Masonry Reinforcement Application

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