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Tapered Thread Rebar Coupler

Cryogenic Couplers

Cryogenic Couplers

The Ancon CTT range of tapered-thread couplers has been designed for use where cryogenic-grade reinforcing bar is being used. Typical construction projects include liquefied natural gas (LNG) and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) storage tanks to EN 14620-3.

For full technical details download the Reinforcing Bar Couplers for Cryogenic Applications brochure.

System Benefits

  • Suitable for use in structures built in accordance with EN 14620-3
  • Independently tested with cryogenic grade rebar at ambient and cryogenic (-168°C/-270°F) temperatures
  • Compact coupler design, suitable for confined locations
  • Tapered-thread design simplifies bar alignment and engagement without cross-threading
  • Installed quickly and easily, accelerating build speed

Structures to EN 14620-3

Ancon CTT couplers are suitable for use in structures built in accordance with EN 14620-3:2006. This Standard specifies the general requirements for materials, design and construction of all concrete components of site-built, vertical, cylindrical, flat-bottomed steel tanks for the storage of refrigerated, liquefied gases with operating temperatures between 0°C and –165°C. BS EN 14620-3: 2006 supersedes BS 7777-3: 1993.

Cryogenic-grade Rebar

Krybar® is a specially-designed concrete reinforcing steel for cryogenic applications from ArcelorMittal. ‘KRYBAR -165’ is suitable for use in storage tanks with temperatures down to -170°C/-274°F and was the cryogenic-grade rebar used in the test programme undertaken by Leviat.

Typical applications for cryogenic couplers include liquefied natural gas (LNG) and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) storage tanks

Standard Cryogenic Couplers (CTTS)

The standard Ancon tapered-thread cryogenic coupler is suitable for connecting two bars of the same diameter, where one bar can be rotated.

Bar Diameter (mm) 12141620
Bar Diameter (mm) 252832
Part No CTTS25 CTTS28 CTTS32
Standard Cryogenic Coupler (CTTS)

Positional Cryogenic Couplers (CTTP)

The positional Ancon tapered-thread cryogenic coupler is designed for use where neither bar can be rotated. It comprises a male section, a female section and a locking nut. Having a degree of adjustability, this coupler can be used as a closer between two fixed bars.

Bar Diameter (mm) 12141620
Bar Diameter (mm) 252832
Part No CTTP25 CTTP28 CTTP32
Positional Cryogenic Coupler (CTTP) A
Positional Cryogenic Coupler (CTTP) B
Positional Cryogenic Coupler (CTTP) C

Transitional Cryogenic Couplers (CTTT)

The transitional Ancon tapered-thread cryogenic coupler is designed to join reinforcing bars of different diameters, where one bar can be rotated.

Bar Diameter (mm) 12/1412/1614/1616/20
Part No CTTT12/14 CTTT12/16 CTTT14/16 CTTT16/20
Bar Diameter (mm) 20/2525/2825/3228/32
Part No CTTT20/25 CTTT25/28 CTTT25/32 CTTT28/32
Transitional Cryogenic Coupler (CTTT)

Latest News

CE, UKCA and CE UKNI marking from Leviat

From January 1st 2021, the UK will recognise both the EU CE marking approvals, for a time limited period, and the new UK based approval system, which will be known as the UKCA mark. The EU will only recognise CE marking by EU notified bodies as proof of efficacy moving forwards. Leviat has been working closely with both EU notified and UK approved bodies to ensure compliance is achieved at the earliest possible opportunity and we can confirm that we have obtained all relevant certification.