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Bartec CXL Rebar Coupler

CXL Rebar Coupler

CXL Coupler

Please note this system is only available in selected territories outside of the UK. Please contact Leviat for locations.

CXL couplers produce a full strength joint yet they are among the smallest in the Ancon range, best suited to large scale projects requiring a high volume of couplers. The end of each bar to be joined is cut square and enlarged by cold forging. This increases the core diameter of the bar to ensure that the joint is stronger than the bar. Parallel metric threads are cut onto the enlarged ends.

CXL couplers are designed and manufactured in accordance with BS EN ISO 9001 and comply in all respects to BS EN 1992-1-1:2004 (Eurocode 2) and BS 8110 when used with reinforcing bar to BS 4449. Tests have been carried out to show compliance with Russia Code RD-EO 0657-2006 and independent approvals, ITB Approval No. AT-15-9037/2013, BRI NI SI EOOD Approval No. 118-2 14/09082011, DCL Approval No. TAC 132.

CXL Type A

CXL Type A is suitable for applications where it is possible to rotate the continuation bar. The bar ends are upset and threaded for half the length of the coupler.

Bar Diameter1216202225
Part No CXL12/A CXL16/A CXL20/A CXL22/A CXL25/A
Bar Diameter2832364050
Part No CXL28/A CXL32/A CXL36/A CXL40/A CXL50/A

CXL Type B

CXL Type B uses the same coupler as the type A system, but one bar is threaded for the full coupler length. It is designed for applications where it is difficult but not impossible to rotate the continuation bar.

Bar Diameter1216202225
Part No CXL12/B CXL16/B CXL20/B CXL22/B CXL25/B
Bar Diameter2832364050
Part No CXL28/B CXL32/B CXL36/B CXL40/B CXL50/B

CXL Type C

The CXL Type C system has an additional locknut and is used where the continuation bar cannot be rotated. The continuation bar is threaded for the full coupler length plus the length of the locknut.

Bar Diameter1620222528
Part No CXL16/C CXL20/C CXL22/C CXL25/C CXL28/C
Bar Diameter32364050
Part No CXL32/C CXL36/C CXL40/C CXL50/C

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