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What's New

Staifix Super-8 Headed Helical Nail for Flat, Warm Roofs

Helical nails from Ancon Building Products are quick and reliable fixings for use in warm roof applications. Unlike traditional nails, they rotate as they are driven in, inducing a self-tapping action and consequently do not split timbers or compress the layer of insulation. Read more

In straight...or in skew?

Ancon has launched an innovative Alignment Tool to help roofing contractors improve build quality when constructing a Warm Roof. Read more

Corner Guards

Ancon Corner Guards offer protection to the exposed edges of columns and walls in areas of high traffic. Read more

Ancon Shearfix

Ancon Shearfix is installed within a concrete slab to reinforce column heads against punching shear. Its use negates the need for any localised thickening of the slab with features such as downstand beams or enlarged column heads. Read more

Ancon Isolan Balcony Connectors

Isolan connectors from Ancon join external concrete balconies to internal concrete floor slabs. Used to minimise cold bridging, this system provides continuity to the thermal insulation of the building envelope. Read more

New Isolation System

Ancon’s stainless steel tension system is now supplied with isolation materials as standard. This new isolation system enables stainless steel tie bars to be fixed to a connecting plate of a dissimilar metal. Read more

Ancon ST1 ‘Type 1’ Wall Ties

The Ancon ST1 wall tie is now available in five lengths to suit cavities from 50mm to 175mm. As a Type 1 Heavy Duty tie to PD 6697:2010 the ST1 can be used in the construction of any building, of any height, anywhere in the British Isles. Read more