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STC Balcony Connector Application

STC Balcony Connectors

STC Steel-to-Concrete Connectors

Ancon STC/SSTC Connector

Ancon STC and SSTC steel-to-concrete balcony connectors are used to anchor steel balconies to concrete floor slabs and have been proven through thermal modelling to reduce heat loss when compared to direct connections.

The two-part assembly, comprising a cast-in anchorage and a post-fixed bracket with thermal pad located at the interface, allows for phased construction. Unlike one-piece systems which must be left exposed on-site for some time, the Ancon bracket component is not fixed until required, reducing the risk of damage.

Manufactured to order, the bracket depth can be designed to suit the exact requirements of the application and avoid conflicts with the external cladding.

Download the brochure for full product and performance details.

System Components

Serrated pads and slots provide adjustability in the final bracket position without the need for stop butts or levelling shims.

Anchor bars are Grade B500B and are supplied fixed to Duplex stainless steel couplers. Anchorage design conforms to BS EN1992.

A stainless steel nail plate completes the assembly and features side notches indicating the centreline, normally matched to the centreline of the slab, for accurate installation.

CE Marking

The fabricated brackets are manufactured from either 1.4301 (304) stainless steel (SSTC) or hot-dip galvanised S355 plain carbon steel (STC). They are designed to EN 1993 (Eurocode 3) and CE-marked to EN 1090 Part 1.


Thermal Modelling

Thermal modelling of a typical insulated render wall application using Ancon SSTC and STC connectors confirms that the temperature factor is within the limits detailed in BRE document IP1/06 for eliminating condensation risk in dwellings, residential buildings, schools, offices and retail premises (0.75).

In addition, the SSTC thermal report demonstrates suitability in higher humidity areas such as sports halls, kitchens and canteens (0.8).

System Benefits

  • Comprises materials of class A1/A2 combustibility only, ideal for high-rise construction
  • Proven through thermal modelling to reduce heat loss and eliminate condensation risk
  • Two-part assembly allows phased installation and avoids damage by other trades
  • Simple nailplate design avoids cutting of formwork around the connector
  • Variable bracket projection to suit wall construction and avoid conflict with cladding
  • Serrated slots provide vertical adjustment on-site for fine tuning of balcony without levelling shims
  • Bracket fabrication CE marked to BS EN 1090-1
  • Anchorage design conforms to BS EN1992
  • Fully stainless steel option offers ultimate corrosion protection / thermal efficiency benefits

Ancon STC Connector

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