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Isotec Balcony Connector Application

Isotec Balcony Connectors

Isotec Concrete-to-Concrete Connectors

Ancon Isotec

Ancon Isotec is a high performance thermal break system for concrete-concrete applications, comprising 100% stainless steel reinforcement and fire-resistant mineral wool insulation.

It is particularly suitable for highly energy-efficient structures and compression studs facilitate installation in heavily congested or stepped floor slabs where compression bars would be difficult to accommodate. Each unit is manufactured as a non-deformable cage offering high rigidity and dimensional stability.

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Tensile and shear reinforcement consist of either 1.4301 or 1.4362 highly corrosion-resistant stainless steel, with a minimum characteristic strength Rp0.2 of 500 N/mm2. Tensile bars are continuous with no structural welding or point of weakness.

Compression studs are manufactured from 12mm diameter, high resistance 1.4301 stainless steel bars with hot-forged heads.

In addition to thermal and durability benefits, stainless steel reinforcement reduces concrete cover requirements and can therefore provide additional design efficiencies over carbon steel systems.

Isotec System Components


Fire-resistant ROCKWOOL® mineral wool insulation is protected by a stainless steel U-shaped profile top and bottom. The insulation component of this system has been enhanced significantly compared to its predecessor, Isolan.

Continuous offset slots reduce the cross-sectional area of steel used, minimising the thermal conductivity of this Class A1 non-combustible component. A label is affixed to the top identifying the system type and direction of placement.

Technical Approval

Isotec has been thoroughly independently assessed by the French CSTB and holds Avis Technique number 20/11-232. An English translation of this technical approval document is available on request.

System Benefits

  • Inherently fire-resistant mineral wool insulation
  • Formed from 100% Class A1 non-combustible components
  • Compression studs reduce rebar congestion and simplify installation
  • Continuous stainless steel reinforcement maximises strength, thermal efficiency and corrosion protection
  • Supplied as a complete unit providing rigidity and dimensional stability
  • Extensive product line to suit a wide range of applications

Ancon Isotec ISO 80 DMV B 200

Typical Applications

Isotec is particularly suitable for highly energy-efficient structures, heavily congested or stepped floor slabs where compression bars would be difficult to accommodate, applications where maximum corrosion protection is required and when an integral fire resistance is preferred to the installation of a separate fire protection barrier.

Standard Configurations











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Leviat Launches New 300mm Type 4 Wall Tie for Wider Cavities

Leading construction accessories manufacturer, Leviat, announces the release of its new Ancon Staifix HRT4 300mm Wall Tie designed for use in wider walls with cavities ranging from 151-175mm. The addition of this product to the existing range will help specifiers and builders to meet the latest Part L regulations and achieve the more stringent U-values and building fabric requirements in the upcoming Future Homes Standard.