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Ancon extends the award-winning TeploTie range to accommodate surface fixing

BBA Approval Granted
Following thorough analysis of the Ancon Teplo-L-Tie's independent test data and robust manufacturing controls, this product was granted a British Board of Agrement certificate in March 2015.
Teplo-L-Tie is suitable for surface fixing to steel, timber, concrete and masonry

Ancon is continuing to lead the market in low thermal conductivity wall ties, with an innovative extension to the award-winning TeploTie range, that now sees it suitable for surface fixing to an in-situ masonry leaf or structural frame.

Like the original TeploTie cavity wall tie, launched in 2009, the new Teplo-L-Tie comprises a pultruded basalt fibre body set in a resin matrix. This material, with its thermal conductivity of just 0.7W/mK, minimises heat loss across an insulated wall cavity which is an essential consideration in low energy construction.

Unique to the new Ancon Teplo-L-Tie, however, is an ‘L’ shaped stainless steel upstand, mechanically and chemically bonded to one end, which allows it to be securely tied to steel, timber, concrete or masonry using a range of standard fixings. Available to suit cavity widths up to 300mm, it is ideal for today’s super-insulated building envelopes.


To aid those performing U-value calculations, this new composite wall tie has been thermally modelled by an Industry expert, allowing Ancon to provide accurate Chi values for each product length. The exceptional thermal efficiency of the TeploTie range, however, is such that it is unlikely ever to be taken into account in these calculations as a thermal bridge.

The launch of the new Teplo-L-Tie coincides with further developments in the standard TeploTie range which is now available for an even greater range of cavity widths up to 450mm.

Marketing Manager, Annabelle Wilson, said of the latest product launches, “Ancon is constantly working at the leading edge of thermally efficient building design, and low thermal conductivity wall ties are a great example of this. Although the Teplo-L-Tie will be new to many in the Industry, it has already been used successfully in a number of high specification residential and commercial developments, in both the new-build and refurbishment sectors, by those who specialise in ultra-low energy construction.”

Added in 2014. Updated in March 2015.

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