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Timber Frame Ties

Ties for Timber Frames

Ancon Staifix Timber Frame Tie
BS 5268-6.1 Type 6 Tie

The Ancon Staifix STF6 tie is designed to fix brickwork or blockwork to timber-framed structures up to 4 storeys in height. The tie is cranked to simplify correct installation and to prevent moisture from crossing the cavity. It is supplied complete with an annular ring shank nail. The STF6 has a cross-sectional area of 12mm2.

The Staifix STF6 tie has been independently tested for use with 15mm OSB (Oriented Strand Board) SIPS Panel. The standard annular ring shank nail should be replaced with a 4 x 30mm stainless steel Spax® screw.


To suit 50mm cavities (tie length 127mm)
To suit 75mm cavities (tie length 152mm)
To suit 100mm cavities (tie length 179mm)

Ancon Staifix-Thor Helical Timber Tie, TIM6
BS 5268-6.1 Type 6 Tie

The Ancon Staifix-Thor Helical TIM6 is available in four standard lengths. It is suitable for cavities from 50mm to 150mm and can be used with the red Ancon Staifix Universal Clip where insulation has to be retained in the cavity. An installation tool is required to hammer the tie into the timber frame. The TIM6 has a cross-sectional area of 6.6mm2.


We recommend a minimum embedment depth of 35mm in the timber frame and 65mm in the masonry leaf.

175mm for 50-75mm cavities
200mm for 76-100mm cavities
225mm for 101-125mm cavities
250mm for 126-150mm cavities

TIM6 Hand Tools

TIM6 Hand Tool

TIM6175TOOL for Tie Length 175mm and 50-75mm cavity

Product ReferenceTie LengthCavity Width
TIM6175TOOL 175mm 50-75mm
TIM6200TOOL 200mm 76-100mm
TIM6225TOOL 225mm 101-125mm
TIM6250TOOL 250mm 126-150mm

Ancon Teplo-BFL-Tie
BS 5268-6.1 Type 6 Tie

The Teplo-BFL-Tie is ideal where a low thermal conductivity restraint fixing is required between a masonry outer leaf and an in-situ timber frame. The body is manufactured from basalt fibres set in a resin matrix and features a moulded ‘BF’ end for building into the outer leaf. At the opposite end is a stainless steel upstand with a 7mm diameter fixing hole. When fixing to timber, we recommend a 5mm x 30mm countersunk wood screw. 

This tie is suitable for cavities from 76mm to 400mm and the unique ribbed shank acts as an integral water drip, preventing water crossing the cavity. The Teplo-BFL-Tie can be used with the black Teplo-Clip where insulation is to be retained.

Product Reference Tie Length and Cavity
TEPLO-BFL-5-155 155mm for 76-100mm cavity
TEPLO-BFL-5-180 180mm for 101-125mm cavity
TEPLO-BFL-5-205 205mm for 126-150mm cavity
TEPLO-BFL-5-230 230mm for 151-175mm cavity
TEPLO-BFL-5-255 255mm for 176-200mm cavity
TEPLO-BFL-7-280 280mm for 201-225mm cavity
TEPLO-BFL-7-305 305mm for 226-250mm cavity
TEPLO-BFL-7-330 330mm for 251-275mm cavity
TEPLO-BFL-7-355 355mm for 276-300mm cavity
TEPLO-BFL-7-380 380mm for 301-325mm cavity
TEPLO-BFL-7-405 405mm for 326-350mm cavity
TEPLO-BFL-7-430 430mm for 351-375mm cavity
TEPLO-BFL-7-455 455mm for 376-400mm cavity

In addition to timber frame applications, the Teplo-BFL-Tie is suitable for fixing to steel, concrete and masonry.

Ancon Timber Frame Movement Tie
BS 5268-6.1 Type 7 Tie

Where standard Type 6 Timber Frame Ties are unsuitable, we recommend the use of the Ancon Timber Frame Movement Tie.

Manufactured to suit any cavity from 50mm to 150mm, the Timber Frame Movement Tie comprises a channel, a strip tie and a screw. This system accommodates maximum differential movement of 60mm; the tie should be positioned 10-12mm from the bottom of the channel.

Ancon Staifix Frame Tie

The Ancon Staifix Frame Tie is used to join timber door and window frames directly to brickwork. It is suitable for use in buildings up to 15 metres in height. The vertical spacing of frame ties depends on the application. Please contact us for more details.

What is a wall tie?

Wall ties, sometimes called ‘brick ties’, are used in buildings with cavity walls. They are used to join the two leaves of a cavity wall together.

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