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Ancon to unveil new Acoustic Dowel at the UK Concrete Show

Leading innovator in high integrity steel structural fixings, ANCON, launched its latest dowel system at Europe’s largest specialist concrete show in February 2015.

The Ancon Acoustic Dowel is designed to transfer shear load and allow essential movement at joints, while also reducing impact sound through a building by isolating adjacent concrete elements. The stainless steel Ancon Dowel locates in a sound damping sleeve that decouples components such as concrete stairs and the main concrete frame. Typical applications include multi-occupancy buildings, like hotels and apartments, where noise can negatively affect a person’s concentration, relaxation or sleep.

Another new product from the company is the parallel-threaded Bartec Plus system, the latest addition to Ancon’s comprehensive range of reinforcing bar couplers. Awarded UK CARES Technical Approval TA1-A, Bartec Plus is suitable for fatigue applications, including major road and rail infrastructure projects, and has recently been installed on the Forth Replacement Crossing in Scotland.

Winner of ‘Best Product in Show’ when launched at the 2013 UK Concrete Show, the Ancon KSN Anchor Reinforcement Continuity System will also be featured. Designed to simplify slab-to-wall construction joints, a row of KSN Anchors is cast into a concrete wall as a single unit and, when the formwork and thread protection are removed, Ancon Bartec Plus threaded reinforcing bars are simply screwed into the anchors. This is a quicker, easier, and above all, safer continuity system. Unlike pull-out bar systems, it eliminates the dangers associated with on-site bar straightening and there is virtually no restriction on continuation bar length or spacing.

To enable engineers to quickly and confidently analyse the anchor options available and create a unique project specification to the latest design codes, Ancon has recently launched a complementary design program for the KSN Anchor system.

Ancon has also extended its range of insulated connectors that maintain structural integrity at balcony locations without compromising the thermal performance of the building envelope. Ancon Isotec is suitable for concrete-to-concrete applications and Ancon STC connectors are suitable for steel-to-concrete interfaces. Full technical information is published in a new 32 page brochure.

Visit stand D31 to meet Ancon staff face-to-face to discuss the use of these innovative, engineered products or for more information email

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