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Ancon Surface Fixed Channels

Surface Fixed Channels

Plain-backed channels can be surface-fixed to steel, concrete and in some instances, masonry.

The Ancon channels suitable for surface fixing are 36/8, 25/14, 28/15, 40/25, 49/30 and 54/33.

Surface-Fixed Channel Bolted to Concrete
Surface-Fixed Channel with a T-Head Bolt to Cast-in Channel
Surface-Fixed Channel Fixed to Steelwork with Self-Drilling screw

When fixing 25/14 Channel to concrete, a Compression Sleeve is required

25/14 Restraint System

The Ancon 25/14 restraint system is designed to tie masonry to steel or concrete frames through a layer of insulation.

25/14 Channel is supplied in lengths of 2700 and 3000mm, and features pre-punched holes at close centres to ensure a fixing position is always located near the end even when it is cut on site.

Once the channel is installed, stainless steel SD25 or basalt fibre Teplo-BF-CT 25 wall ties can be positioned at any point along its length and are built into the bed joints of the outer leaf of brickwork.

See technical literature for product references and fixing centres for both ties and screws. Contact us for information when fixing to timber.

Concrete Fixing Screws

Screws are available to accommodate a combined backing board and insulation thickness of up to 270mm. A pilot hole and an Ancon Stainless Steel Compression Sleeve, the same depth as the insulation, are required. More information, including wall tie and screw spacings, is available in the Ancon 25/14 Restraint System datasheet.

Building Information Modelling

For a BIM Object of this product, please click here or visit the National BIM Library.

36/8 Wall Extension System

The 36/8 Wall Extension System can be supplied with either SP36 ties or, where some longitudinal movement must be accommodated at the joint, PP36 ties complete with debonding sleeves. The channel can be supplied in lengths of up to 3.4 metres with each length having a series of holes to allow fixing to the existing wall.

The system is available as a kit comprising a length of 36/8 channel 2400mm long, ten ties and ten plugs and screws. Click here for information on other Wall Starter Systems.

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