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Ties for Steel Frames

Ties for Steel Frames

Ties for Steel Frames

Ancon 25/14 Restraint System

Product datasheets are available to aid specification of the Ancon 25/14 system.

The Ancon 25/14 system is designed to tie brickwork to steel, including SFS studwork.

Self-drilling high-thread screws fix through the channel and the insulation, into the steel. Once the channel is installed, stainless steel Ancon SD25 or basalt fibre Teplo-BF-CT 25 wall ties can be positioned at any point along its length and are built into the bed joints of the outer leaf of brickwork.

These fixings are available for a combined backing board and insulation thickness of up to 220mm. They can be installed directly through the insulation when using any thickness of rigid insulation or when using ROCKWOOL Rainscreen Duo Slab®, Isover Polterm Max Plus, Kingspan Facades K-Roc Rainscreen Slab, Knauf Insulation Rocksilk® Rainscreen Slab, Xtratherm Stonewool and ROCKWOOL Nyrock® Rainscreen 032 with a maximum thickness of 180mm. When using more flexible insulation materials up to 220mm thick, an Ancon Compression Sleeve is required around the fixing screws.

Plan View of Ancon 25/14 Restraint System

Plan View of Ancon 25/14 Restraint System

25/14 channel is supplied in lengths of 2700mm and 3000mm, and features pre-punched holes at close centres to ensure a fixing position is always located near the end, even when it is cut on site.

See technical literature for wall tie/screw references and vertical fixing centres.

This system is also suitable for use with timber and concrete frames, contact us for details.

The channel has a 16mm opening to easily accommodate a drive socket and washer for the fixing screws. This system has been independently tested and is UKCA and CE marked.

Open Cavity (mm) Tie Length (mm) Ancon SD25 Reference Ancon Teplo-BF-CT 25 Reference
35-59 100 SD25/100 -
60-84 125 SD25/125 -
85-109 150 SD25/150 Teplo-BF-CT - 150
110-134 175 SD25/175 Teplo-BF-CT - 175
135-159 200 SD25/200 Teplo-BF-CT - 200
160-184 225 SD25/225 Teplo-BF-CT - 225
185-209 250 SD25/250 Teplo-BF-CT - 250
210-234 275 SD25/275 Teplo-BF-CT - 275
235-259 300 SD25/300 Teplo-BF-CT - 300
260-284 325 - Teplo-BF-CT - 325
285-309 350 - Teplo-BF-CT - 350
310-334 375 - Teplo-BF-CT - 375

Building Information Modelling

For a BIM Object of this product, please click here or visit NBS Source.

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