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Individual Masonry Support Brackets

Individual Bracket Support Systems

Individual Brackets

Like the MDC continuous angle support system, the Ancon MDA Individual Bracket Support System is designed and manufactured to meet the specific cavity width and masonry load of an application.

Brackets at 225mm centres will carry 8 metres of brickwork. They can also be used at 450mm centres to support blockwork.

The system comprises individual brackets positioned at each perpend, bolted back to the structural frame.

Curved Brickwork

The Ancon MDA system is ideal for supporting brickwork that is curved on plan. When fixing to concrete, Ancon 28/15, 30/20 or 38/17 channel can be supplied curved to suit the radius or expansion bolts can be used.

Details for Specification and Ordering

Ancon Individual Brackets are available to suit most cavity sizes and can be specified as follows:

Type/cavity/unfactored masonry load
e.g. MDA / 75 / 8.0

Leviat will design an Ancon MDA system to suit a 75mm cavity and carry 8.0 kN/metre run of masonry (unfactored).

Support to brickwork around external corners may involve special details.

Broadside, Chatham Maritime, Kent © Hazle McCormack Young

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