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Nexus® Suspended Brickwork Units

Nexus® Suspended Brickwork System

Modular Brick-Faced Units

Ancon MDC systems can be designed and manufactured to support modular factory made brick-faced units, where brick slips are adhered to either steelwork or precast concrete. The units are simply bolted to the underside of the prefixed support angle. This two-part process provides maximum adjustability, both vertically and horizontally, to ensure alignment.

Nexus® Suspended Brickwork System

Creating brick-faced reveals and soffits is much simpler and quicker with the Nexus® suspended brickwork system.

The BBA approved family of NEXUS® brick-faced soffit and lintel systems is a next generation solution that brings together a high integrity steel Ancon support system with engineered brick-faced units from Ibstock Kevington. Its lightweight design sees weight cut by more than half when compared to traditional precast concrete alternatives, and its ease of handling ensures it can be installed without the use of specialist lifting equipment.

Introducing Nexus XI

NEXUS XI®, the latest addition to the NEXUS family, provides an innovative mechanically fixed suspended brickwork soffit and lintel solution.

NEXUS XI® has secured an ‘A’ fire safety rating from the BBA, meaning it can be specified and installed with confidence on high-rise residential buildings over 18 metres, in compliance with the recent amendment to Approved Document B of the Building Regulations. The system comprises a stainless steel soffit tray or lintel with a semi-flexible bedding agent retained in the system to reduce vibration between the stainless steel and brick slip, securing a fire rating of A2,S1,D0.

Ancon MDC support system with Nexus XI® brick-faced soldier bond soffit from Ibstock-Kevington

Nexus® Brick-Faced Lintels

Nexus® brick faced lintels are designed to carry a single leaf of a cavity wall.

Prefabricated from stainless steel for maximum corrosion protection, they offer a quick and simple way of creating deep soffits above window and door openings. They are ideal where speed is important - the permanently bonded brick slip facings, applied off-site, are manufactured from the same batch as the main brickwork providing a seamless blend meaning no compromise on quality or appearance. The lightweight design means the lintels can be simply lifted into place by hand, with no mechanical lifting equipment required, saving time on site.

Nexus Stretcher Bond Lintel

Nexus XI® 140x215 Stretcher Bond Lintel

Bow River Village, London

This mixed use development, on the southern fringes of the Olympic Park, utilised the Nexus system to achieve flawless brick-faced soffits to the hundreds of door and window heads.

Muirfield Community Centre, Scotland

235 Nexus® brick faced soffit units and lintels were installed in window heads and ground level colonnades of this modern, purpose-built community hub.

Latest News

Leviat Launches New 300mm Type 4 Wall Tie for Wider Cavities

Leading construction accessories manufacturer, Leviat, announces the release of its new Ancon Staifix HRT4 300mm Wall Tie designed for use in wider walls with cavities ranging from 151-175mm. The addition of this product to the existing range will help specifiers and builders to meet the latest Part L regulations and achieve the more stringent U-values and building fabric requirements in the upcoming Future Homes Standard.