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Channel & Angle Section Posts

Ancon WP1 and WP3 Windposts

Ancon WP1 and WP3 Windposts are channel section windposts which are designed to be installed within the cavity leaving the blockwork undisturbed.

The windposts are complete with end connections and ties which fit into the vertical slots in the flanges of the channel section.

Ancon WP2 Windposts

Ancon WP2 Windposts are angle section windposts designed for either small cavities or where wind loads are high. One leg of the angle windpost is built into the blockwork, and the blockwork tied through the leg of the windpost to minimise any possible movement or cracking of internal finishes. If a vertical movement joint is required in place of a tied joint, ties with a debonding sleeve on one side can be supplied.

The capacity of the post will be reduced in this configuration.

Ancon WP4 Windposts

Ancon WP4 Windposts are generally used in internal blockwork walls that have a 'fair faced' finish to both sides and where the windposts cannot protrude beyond either face. Sometimes referred to as 'spine' posts they are flat plates designed to fit within the wall. Although the depth of a WP4 post is limited by the width of the masonry (ideally 20mm less than the wall width) the thickness of the post can vary to increase its load capacity. Blockwork is tied through the post.

Parapet Posts

Ancon Parapet Posts provide lateral restraint to masonry that projects above the main structure. They are designed as 'cantilevers' and include a substantial base connection to transfer the bending moment to the structure. To ensure a practical base connection the posts are usually less than 1.6 metres in height.

For further information or advice on specific applications, please contact our Technical Services Team.

Connections & Ties

Connections to the frame can be made in a variety of ways and will depend on the type of post, structure & fixing used. Typical examples of connections are shown here.

NBS Source

Building Information Modelling

For BIM Objects of these products, please click here or visit NBS Source.

Details for Specification and Ordering

Ancon Windposts are UKCA and CE marked, designed to BS EN 1993 (EC3) and manufactured to BS EN 1090-1. Sufficient time should be allowed for the design, approval and manufacturing process when placing orders for windposts.

The following clause can be adapted for your bill of quantities to aid the specification of Ancon Windposts and Parapet Posts.

Ancon Windposts WP3 65 x 60 x 4 in grade 1.4301 (304) stainless steel, overall length 2750mm complete with all ties and end connections. Fixed with Ancon FAZII 12/30 Expansion Bolts.

Ancon Windposts are designed and manufactured to suit each individual project. Sufficient time should be allowed for the design, approval and manufacturing process when placing orders for windposts.

Windpost Design

Ancon Windposts are designed to meet your specific construction and load conditions. The windposts will usually be restrained by the brickwork and designed as 'simply supported beams'.

Download and complete the windpost design sheet from this page and email to

Fixing Services

Please click here for details of companies that can provide 'supply-and-fix' and 'fix-only' services for Ancon windposts.

Latest News

Leviat Launches New 300mm Type 4 Wall Tie for Wider Cavities

Leading construction accessories manufacturer, Leviat, announces the release of its new Ancon Staifix HRT4 300mm Wall Tie designed for use in wider walls with cavities ranging from 151-175mm. The addition of this product to the existing range will help specifiers and builders to meet the latest Part L regulations and achieve the more stringent U-values and building fabric requirements in the upcoming Future Homes Standard.