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Fundraising campaign launched for cancer charities

Following Ancon’s fantastic effort last year in raising £25,000 to sponsor a child’s room in the Sheffield Children’s Hospital redevelopment, the company is now focusing its fundraising efforts on two cancer charities and a special needs school. Read more

Another year of innovation for Ancon

Following success in the 2012 Queen’s Award for Innovation, Ancon has continued to reinforce its reputation throughout 2014 with a number of new developments and initiatives. Read more

Ancon Teplo-L-Tie Shortlisted for “Best Innovation in Insulation” Award

Winner in 2012, Ancon has again been shortlisted in the prestigious ‘Build It’ industry awards. The Ancon Teplo-L-Tie, ideal for use where a low thermal conductivity restraint fixing is required between a masonry outer leaf and an in-situ structure, has been shortlisted in the 2014 award for the ‘Best Innovation in Insulation’. Read more