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Bubble Foil Ties

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All Bubble Foil Tie CAD Files
All Bubble Foil Tie CAD Files (ZIP - 890 KB)
WT2-AF Wall Ties
WT2-AF-200 (DWG - 81.6 KB)
WT2-AF-200 (DXF - 522 KB)
WT2-AF-225 (DWG - 69.5 KB)
WT2-AF-225 (DXF - 210 KB)
WT2-CB Wall Ties
WT2-CB-185 (DWG - 52.9 KB)
WT2-CB-185 (DXF - 42.6 KB)
WT2-CB-200 (DWG - 71.3 KB)
WT2-CB-200 (DXF - 450 KB)
WT2-CB-225 (DWG - 70.6 KB)
WT2-CB-225 (DXF - 443 KB)
WT4-AF Wall Ties
WT4-AF-200 (DWG - 71.9 KB)
WT4-AF-200 (DXF - 443 KB)
WT4-AF-225 (DWG - 70.4 KB)
WT4-AF-225 (DXF - 439 KB)
WT4-CB Wall Ties
WT4-CB-185 (DWG - 68.1 KB)
WT4-CB-185 (DXF - 433 KB)
WT4-CB-200 (DWG - 70 KB)
WT4-CB-200 (DXF - 443 KB)
WT4-CB-225 (DWG - 66.8 KB)
WT4-CB-225 (DXF - 428 KB)
WT4-CB-250 (DWG - 68.8 KB)
WT4-CB-250 (DXF - 435 KB)
WT3-AF Wall Ties
WT3-AF-250 (DWG - 83.3 KB)
WT3-AF-250 (DXF - 526 KB)

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