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Ties for Steel Frames

Each declaration of performance is identified by the end initials e.g. L0004-00-CA:

CA = UKCA Marking
The UKCA (UK Conformity Assessed) marking is the new UK product marking that will be used for goods being placed on the market in Great Britain.

NI = CE UKNI Marking
The UKNI marking is a new conformity marking for products placed on the market in Northern Ireland which will be used on products that have undergone mandatory third-party conformity assessment by a body based in the UK.

CE  = CE Marking
For products used in Europe the existing CE mark will still remain.

Non-Drill Fixings
L0065-01-CA - Briclok A 150mm (PDF - 476 KB)
L0065-01-NI - Briclok A 150mm (PDF - 478 KB)
L0066-01-CA - Briclok B 150mm (PDF - 474 KB)
L0066-01-NI - Briclok B 150mm (PDF - 477 KB)
L0138-01-CA - Briclok A 180mm (PDF - 428 KB)
L0138-01-NI - Briclok A 180mm (PDF - 455 KB)
L0139-01-CA - Briclok B 180mm (PDF - 428 KB)
L0139-01-NI - Briclok B 180mm (PDF - 455 KB)
L0062-01-CA - HOS-TIE Hammer-on Tie (PDF - 337 KB)
L0062-02-CE - HOS-TIE Hammer-on Tie (PDF - 366 KB)
L0063-01-CA - Internal Column Tie (PDF - 337 KB)
L0063-01-NI - Internal Column Tie (PDF - 366 KB)
L0067-01-CA - Column Tie, 125mm & 150mm (PDF - 386 KB)
L0067-01-NI - Column Tie, 125mm & 150mm (PDF - 391 KB)
L0125-01-CA - Column Tie 175mm, 200mm & 225mm (PDF - 386 KB)
L0125-01-NI - Column Tie 175mm, 200mm & 225mm (PDF - 390 KB)
L0126-01-CA - Column Tie 250mm, 275mm & 300mm (PDF - 386 KB)
L0126-01-NI - Column Tie 250mm, 275mm & 300mm (PDF - 390 KB)

Latest News

Ancon 500 Tension System renamed to Halfen Detan-D

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