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The below section features installation videos for a range of products for masonry and structural concrete construction.

Introducing Ancon Thermal Windpost

Thermal efficiency: the new revolution in windposts

The revolutionary Ancon Thermal Windpost (TWP2) is designed to span vertically between floors, to provide additional lateral support for panels of masonry. It has been specially designed and engineered after extensive research and testing, with a variety of features to improve the thermal performance and repeatability of the junction.

Nexus Brick-Faced Lintels

Nexus brick-faced lintels are designed to carry a single leaf of a cavity wall. Prefabricated from stainless steel for maximum corrosion protection, they offer a quick and simple way of creating deep soffits above window and door openings. They are ideal where speed is important - the permanently bonded brick slip facings, applied off-site, are manufactured from the same batch as the main brickwork providing a seamless blend meaning no compromise on quality or appearance. The lightweight design means the lintels can be simply lifted into place by hand, with no mechanical lifting equipment required, saving time on site.

Nexus Brick Faced Support System

Developed in partnership with cut-brick specialist, Ibstock-Kevington, the Nexus system is a lightweight simple-to-install solution to creating flawless brick soffits in any brick type. It combines brick-faced offsite-manufactured building modules with the popular Ancon MDC brick support angle. Bringing together two industry experts in one product launch, Nexus provides quick and easy alignment on site without mechanical lifting.

Introducing Nexus XI 

NEXUS XI, the latest addition to the NEXUS family, provides an innovative mechanically fixed suspended brickwork soffit and lintel solution. It has secured an ‘A’ fire safety rating from the BBA, meaning it can be specified and installed with confidence on high-rise residential buildings over 18 metres, in compliance with the recent amendment to Approved Document B of the Building Regulations.

MDC Brickwork Support System

Ancon MDC is a bespoke brickwork support system that can carry over 8 metres of brickwork and accommodate any width of cavity from 50mm in its standard form. The brackets are welded to the angle and the material content of both components is optimised to ensure the most economic solution is designed.

KSN Anchors

The KSN system comprises internally-threaded anchors which are cast into the wall and, during construction of the adjoining slab, accept continuation bars prepared with a Bartec Plus parallel-thread. There is no on site bar straightening and virtually no restriction on bar length, so EC2 lap lengths are easily accommodated. A standard timber carrier allows multiple anchors to be installed simultaneously. Unlike re-bend systems where bar length, spacing and diameter are restricted by physical box dimensions, KSN Anchors provide total design flexibility.

Insulated Balcony Connectors

Ancon’s connectors minimise heat loss at balcony locations while maintaining structural integrity. They provide a thermal break by inserting a material with a low thermal conductivity between elements with a higher conductivity and most also provide local insulation at the joint. As a critical structural component, they transfer moment, shear, tension and compression forces. Standard solutions are available for concrete-to-concrete, steel-to-concrete and steel-to-steel applications.

Isotec Insulated Balcony Connectors

STC Insulated Balcony Connectors

STS Insulated Balcony Connectors

Shear Load Connectors

Ancon’s range of shear load connectors offers significant advantages over plain dowel bars. They are more effective at transferring load and accommodating movement and, due to their two-part construction, are more simple to install.

DSD Shear Load Connectors

HLD Shear Load Connectors

Lockable Dowels

Ancon Lockable Dowels have been designed for use at temporary movement joints, most commonly found in post-tensioned concrete construction. The dowel allows initial shrinkage of the concrete to take place and is then locked in position with a mechanical plate and a controlled amount of epoxy resin. The locked dowel continues to transfer shear, but prevents further movement taking place.

Slab-to-Slab Lockable Dowels

Slab-to-Wall Lockable Dowels

Eazistrip Reinforcement Continuity Systems

Eazistrip Reinforcement Continuity Systems are designed to maintain continuity of reinforcement at construction joints in concrete. Each unit consists of a galvanised steel casing which is dimpled to provide an effective concrete bond. Pre-bent bars are housed within the box and are secured by a protective cover. When the cover is removed the bars can be straightened ready for lapping onto the main reinforcement.

Latest News

Leviat Launches New 300mm Type 4 Wall Tie for Wider Cavities

Leading construction accessories manufacturer, Leviat, announces the release of its new Ancon Staifix HRT4 300mm Wall Tie designed for use in wider walls with cavities ranging from 151-175mm. The addition of this product to the existing range will help specifiers and builders to meet the latest Part L regulations and achieve the more stringent U-values and building fabric requirements in the upcoming Future Homes Standard.