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Tension Fork

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All Tension Fork CAD Files
Tension Fork (all DXF/DWG CAD files) (ZIP - 219 KB)
tension fork8 (DWG - 40.3 KB)
tension fork10 (DWG - 40.4 KB)
tension fork12 (DWG - 40.3 KB)
tension fork16 (DWG - 40.5 KB)
tension fork20 (DWG - 40.1 KB)
tension fork24 (DWG - 45.8 KB)
tension fork30 (DWG - 40.1 KB)
tension fork36 (DWG - 40.1 KB)
tension fork42 (DWG - 40.1 KB)
tension fork48 (DWG - 40.2 KB)
tension fork56 (DWG - 40.4 KB)
tension fork6 (DXF - 46.5 KB)
tension fork8 (DXF - 47 KB)
tension fork10 (DXF - 47.3 KB)
tension fork12 (DXF - 46.8 KB)
tension fork16 (DXF - 187 KB)
tension fork20 (DXF - 46.1 KB)
tension fork24 (DXF - 190 KB)
tension fork30 (DXF - 45.8 KB)
tension fork36 (DXF - 45.9 KB)
tension fork42 (DXF - 45.9 KB)
tension fork48 (DXF - 46.2 KB)
tension fork56 (DXF - 47.4 KB)

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CE, UKCA and CE UKNI marking from Leviat

From January 1st 2021, the UK will recognise both the EU CE marking approvals, for a time limited period, and the new UK based approval system, which will be known as the UKCA mark. The EU will only recognise CE marking by EU notified bodies as proof of efficacy moving forwards. Leviat has been working closely with both EU notified and UK approved bodies to ensure compliance is achieved at the earliest possible opportunity and we can confirm that we have obtained all relevant certification.