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Enquiry Forms

Ancon has created a set of downloadable and editable PDF design sheets and enquiry forms to help capture all the necessary project information we require to process your request as quickly as possible.

IMPORTANT: Google Chrome Users
Please save these forms to your desktop (right click and select Save As) and open using your PDF reader/editor. Google Chrome’s built-in PDF viewer does not support the PDF features in these files, such as saving editable fields or allowing the online submission of forms. Please contact Ancon for more information.
Balcony Connectors
Isolan Balcony Connector Design Sheet (PDF - 106 KB)
Masonry Support
Masonry Support Design Sheet (PDF - 96.6 KB)
Non-Drill Fixings
Hammer-on Fixings Design Sheet (PDF - 3.39 MB)
Internal Column Tie Design Sheet (PDF - 68.8 KB)
Punching Shear Reinforcement
Shearfix Design Sheet to Eurocode 2 (PDF - 136 KB)
Reinforcement Continuity Systems
KSN Anchor Design Sheet (PDF - 62.6 KB)
Roof Nails
Staifix-Thor Helical Warm Roof Batten Fixings Design Sheet (PDF - 68.7 KB)
Shear Load Connectors
Shear Load Connector Design Sheet (PDF - 76.8 KB)
Sliding Anchors
Sliding Anchor Design Sheet (PDF - 43.6 KB)
Tension Systems
Tension System (Tie Bars) Specification Summary (PDF - 101 KB)
Anchor Disc Cross Brace Design Sheet (PDF - 64 KB)
Anchor Disc Cross Brace with Three Bars Design Sheet (PDF - 510 KB)
Cross Coupler Cross Brace Design Sheet (PDF - 69.2 KB)
Wall Ties & Restraint Fixings
SPA Frame Cramp Design Sheet (PDF - 132 KB)
Windposts & Parapet Posts
Parapet Post Design Sheet (PDF - 117 KB)
Windpost Design Sheet (PDF - 266 KB)

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