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Wall Ties & Restraint Fixings

Distributor Sales Support

We provide a range of services to its distributors of the Ancon Staifix range:

Dedicated Sales Team

Our Distributor Sales Team can be contacted on the direct line 0114 238 1 238. Any member of the team can provide quotations, process orders, track deliveries, offer technical advice and provide merchandising options.

Product Packaging

Ancon Staifix packaging has been designed for maximum visual effect and clearly states the information required by end users in order to make an informed decision.


Point of Sale

POS promotional literature is available.

Staff Training

Our Area Representatives are available to visit your branch and conduct staff training sessions. Contact us for details of your local representative.

Housebuilder Referrals

We actively promote sales of the Ancon Staifix range through our network of distributors.

End User Brand Awareness

The Ancon Staifix brand name is widely recognised by building contractors and is synonymous with ‘quality’. Marketing activities used to reinforce this brand identity include sales promotions, trade press advertising, exhibitions and direct mail campaigns.

Latest News

CE, UKCA and CE UKNI marking from Leviat

From January 1st 2021, the UK will recognise both the EU CE marking approvals, for a time limited period, and the new UK based approval system, which will be known as the UKCA mark. The EU will only recognise CE marking by EU notified bodies as proof of efficacy moving forwards. Leviat has been working closely with both EU notified and UK approved bodies to ensure compliance is achieved at the earliest possible opportunity and we can confirm that we have obtained all relevant certification.