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Ties for Steelwork

Ties for Steelwork

A range of innovative solutions to tie masonry to steelwork without site drilling is available. Each fixing either abuts the steel or attaches to the flange to restrain masonry walls against lateral wind loads.

Hammer-On Section

Simply hammered onto the flange, this fixing can be utilised either on a column with a tie (HOS-TIE) or on a beam with an internal head restraint (IHR-H). The Hammer-On fixing resists load in one direction only and should be installed on alternate sides of the flange. Ties should be installed at 225mm vertical centres and head restraints at 450mm horizontal centres.

95mm, 155mm, 215mm
XS to suit 6.8-10mm flanges
S to suit 10-13mm flanges
M to suit 14-17mm flanges
L to suit 18-21mm flanges
XL to suit 22-25mm flanges

Hammer-on IHR-H Head Restraint

Ancon Head Restraints provide the necessary restraint to the top of masonry walls. They allow for vertical movement to accommodate shrinkage or thermal movement of the wall or structural frame, while restraining wind loads. 

The standard IHR will suit a 215mm block; other sizes between 150-250mm are available.

Hammer-on Tie
(PPH Tie and Hammer-on fixings shown above)

UK Patent No. GB 2424660B

Standard length: 120mm
Supplied with a Debonding Sleeve

Internal Column Tie

Available in seven sizes to suit standard universal column/beam dimensions, this tie fits between the flanges of a column and should be installed at 225mm vertical centres.

179mm, 186mm, 224mm, 232mm, 275mm, 281mm, 330mm

Non-Standard Internal Column Tie

Special internal column ties can be designed to suit applications where the masonry does not sit inside the flanges of a column.

New Briclok

The Briclok fits to a column flange and can be used either across a cavity or back into the inner leaf. It should be positioned with the appropriate notch around the flange and installed at 225mm vertical centres. The tie must not be forced onto the column and should have no less than 10mm engagement.

Briclok A, for flanges from 6.8mm to 13.5mm
Briclok B, for flanges from 13.5mm to 20mm

150mm, 180mm
Product CodeLengthOpen Cavity*Flange Thickness
Briclok150A 150mm 20-50mm 6.8-13.5mm
Briclok180A 180mm 50-80mm 6.8-13.5mm
Briclok150B 150mm 20-50mm 13.5-20.0mm
Briclok180B 180mm 50-80mm 13.5-20.0mm

Clamp-On Column Tie

The Column Tie clamps to the flange of a column. It accommodates a steel thickness from 6mm to 25mm and should be installed at 225mm vertical centres. Manufactured in lengths to suit the application, it can feature a drip for use across the cavity or a plain shank for installation back into the inner leaf. As standard, the clamp-on column tie is supplied right-handed as shown in the isometric product drawing below, but can be manufactured left-handed on request.

To suit application

Latest News

Leviat Launches New 300mm Type 4 Wall Tie for Wider Cavities

Leading construction accessories manufacturer, Leviat, announces the release of its new Ancon Staifix HRT4 300mm Wall Tie designed for use in wider walls with cavities ranging from 151-175mm. The addition of this product to the existing range will help specifiers and builders to meet the latest Part L regulations and achieve the more stringent U-values and building fabric requirements in the upcoming Future Homes Standard.