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Wall Starter Systems

Wall Starter Systems

Ancon Staifix Universal Wall Starter System

This system includes all necessary fixings to join a single skin of masonry, 2400mm high, to an existing brickwork or blockwork wall. Each pack includes two fixing strips, five plugs, five washers, five screws and ten wall ties. It is suitable for wall widths from 60mm to 250mm and has a design resistance of 1.7kN per metre. Wall ties slide within the fixing strip to course with the bed joints of any masonry unit.

36/8 Wall Extension System

This system is available as a kit comprising a length of 36/8 Channel 2400mm long, ten safety-ended SP36 flat wall ties and ten plugs / screws. It is suitable for fixing to blockwork or concrete and has a design resistance of 1.6kN per metre.

Unlike other wall starters, the ties can be used with debonding sleeves to accommodate longitudinal movement at the joint and the system can also be supplied with other Ancon wall ties with a _ _36 reference, e.g. DP36 or YP36 (dowelled) for use with stonework.

Ancon Staifix Starter Tie

This screw-in tie is supplied with an 8mm nylon plug and is suitable for use in brickwork and blockwork of up to 3 storeys or 8 metres in height. The tie can also be used in line with NHBC standards.

Ancon Staifix Cavity Starter Tie

The tie simplifies the building of an inner leaf of blockwork within an existing structure. It is ideal for barn conversions and can be used in line with NHBC standards.

180mm, 200mm, 230mm to suit cavities from 50mm - 120mm.

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