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Ties for cavities over 150mm

Ties for Cavities over 150mm

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Ancon ST1 Type 1 Tie to PD 6697 (Masonry Heavy Duty)

The Ancon ST1 is a Type 1 tie which can be used in all types of building of any height, anywhere in the British Isles. The section that spans the cavity has a series of holes to provide water drips. This allows the same tie to be used in insulated cavities as well as open cavities. Type 1 performance is declared in M2 mortar.

ST1 LengthCavity Width
300mm 151-175mm
325mm* 176-200mm
350mm* 201-225mm

*Type 1 performance declared in M2 mortar only

Teplo-BF Wall Tie

Teplo-BF Wall Ties

The Ancon Teplo-BF is a composite wall tie manufactured from pultruded basalt fibres. This material is often selected for its low thermal conductivity value of 0.7W/mK, which can be used to reduce insulation thickness. Teplo-BF is BBA approved for cavities from 50mm to 450mm.

Insulation retaining clips are available for partial-fill cavities.

For cavities over 150mm the tie lengths are as follows:

Teplo-BF Length Cavity Width
300mm 151-175mm
325mm 176-200mm
350mm 201-225mm
375mm 226-250mm
400mm 251-275mm
425mm 276-300mm
450mm 301-325mm
475mm 326-350mm
500mm 351-375mm
525mm 376-400mm
550mm 401-425mm
575mm 426-450mm

Teplo-BF is a Type 2 wall tie up to a tie length of 425mm, then Type 3 up to 525mm and then Type 4 to 575mm.

Ancon Two-Part Tie

The Ancon Two-Part Tie is designed to overcome the problems associated with installing long ties.

Cavities exceeding 150mm require ties in a length that can be difficult to balance and keep horizontal during installation. An Ancon Two-Part Tie has one section that is built into the inner leaf and a second, interlocking section that is fixed as the outer leaf is constructed. An embedment of 75mm is required at each end. The inner tie is usually manufactured in lengths of 170mm with variation in the cavity width being accommodated by the length of the outer section. Where insulation thickness is in excess of 60mm, the inner section should be longer than the standard 170mm to ensure the connection between the two parts is made in the open cavity.

Using the standard inner section, Ancon Two-Part Ties sustain loads which exceed the requirements for a Type 2 tie to PD 6697 for cavities up to 400mm.

Recommended Fixing Centres for Two-Part Ties

Inner Section (mm)Cavity (mm)Type 1Type 2Type 3
170 150-400 600x450 900x450 900x450
171-230 150-400 375x450 750x450 900x450

Note: Centres shown achieve equivalent tie type performances to PD 6697: 2010 Table 12.

Insulation Retaining Clips can be supplied to fit the inner section.


What is a wall tie?

Wall ties, sometimes called ‘brick ties’, are used in buildings with cavity walls. They are used to join the two leaves of a cavity wall together.

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