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Continuous product improvement results in quicker and easier install for the Ancon Teplo-Tie

Installation of Leviat’s Ancon Teplo-BF low-thermal conductivity wall ties is now quicker and easier following continuous product improvement and development. As a popular product in energy efficient construction, this latest development also includes the additional benefit of a reduction in material wastage.

Teplo BF Ties in situ

Launched in 2016, Ancon Teplo-BF and BFR are special high performance basalt fibre ties, increasingly used in low energy external wall constructions because of their ultra-low 0.7W/mK thermal conductivity, high strength, and excellent mortar grab.

The original design featured a high integrity rubber O ring which installers needed to hand-position to the desired location to ensure that any water build-up on the tie dispersed safely into the cavity.

Ongoing testing has shown that the ribs on the unique black shank provide a more than effective moisture drip, meaning that removal of the O ring does not affect the performance of the products.

The design change, which was introduced in late January, has been approved by the BBA, confirming that the updated Teplo-BF and BFR ties, without the O ring, fully meet NHBC requirements.

This product improvement is part of an ongoing campaign by Leviat to improve handling and sustainability and reduce material wastage across its market-leading Ancon masonry support and fixings range. This change not only reduces installation time on site but cuts raw material usage by designing out an unnecessary component.

Teplo BF Range - BBA Approved


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