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Low Thermal Conductivity Cavity Wall Ties

Wall Ties are an essential element in the strength and stability of cavity walls, but by crossing the cavity they act as a thermal bridge between the internal and external leaves. Generally speaking, the wider the insulated cavity, the more substantial the Wall Tie needs to be and the greater the effect the tie will then have on the U-value of the wall.

The challenge for the Wall Tie industry, set by the Government’s ambitious energy efficiency targets, was to reduce the thermal conductivity of its products whilst continuing to meet the structural performance requirements of multi-storey and wide cavity construction.

ANCON met this challenge with the launch of a range of Low Thermal Conductivity Wall Ties; ties which minimise heat loss through thermal bridging, thereby improving the energy efficiency of a wall. Use of these ties can reduce insulation thickness – as no additional insulation is required to compensate for heat lost through the ties – and therefore provide savings on other construction materials and wall footprint.

The range suits cavities up to 450mm, essentially future-proofing traditional masonry cavity construction with which all building owners, tenants, contractors and designers are familiar.

In addition to slender wire wall ties, the Ancon range includes the unique TeploTie basalt-fibre wall tie.

Ancon TeploTie Basalt Fibre Wall Ties

Ancon TeploTie composite wall ties comprise pultruded basalt fibres set in an epoxy resin and, with a thermal conductivity of just 0.7W/mK, are the most thermally-efficient wall ties on the market.

A sand finish provides excellent mortar key and an end cap is supplied with each tie to reduce the risk of injury on-site, if temporarily left protruding from a single leaf of a wall. This innovative product carries BBA approval and has been used on certified Zero Carbon and PassivHaus developments.

This range suits cavities from 50mm to 450mm.

Ancon Stainless Steel Wall Ties

ANCON stainless steel wall ties are value-engineered to provide high performance at a competitive price.

The effect Ancon’s high tensile wire wall ties have on heat transfer is negligible and typically they are excluded from U-value calculations to EN ISO 6946.

This range suits cavities from 50mm to 150mm.

U-value Calculations

It is important to use the actual cross-sectional area and thermal conductivity of the Wall Tie being used when calculating the U-value of a wall, rather than allowing a program to apply default values. This can make a considerable difference to the U-value calculated; default values will generally overestimate the effect of an Ancon Wall Tie.

TeploTie Wall Ties have a thermal conductivity of less than 1.0 W/mK and so are excluded from U-value calculations to EN ISO 6946. Cross-sectional areas of Ancon stainless steel ties are available here.


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